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How Denver Natural Stone Can Increase the Value of Your Home

September 20, 2017

Denver natural stone doesn’t just make your home more beautiful, it also increases the value of it. Why? Potential buyers love the look of natural stone, so installing granite, marble, slate, and other natural stone can attract the attention of more buyers. Here are a few ways you can make your home more valuable using natural stone:

Statement Wall

If you really want to impress potential buyers, consider adding a statement wall made out of natural stone. By covering a wall or portion of a wall with natural stone, you can instantly make a room appear warmer and more luxurious. A great place to incorporate a statement wall made out of natural stone is near the fireplace in your living room. Use natural stone to frame the fireplace and make it the focal point of the room.

On the Patio

No pool or patio is complete without the use of natural stone. Travertine is a popular choice for the patio and pool area because of its durability and natural, earthy look. Slate can also be used in these outdoor areas to create a more rugged look. Buyers love the idea of being able to entertain guests indoors or outdoors, so spruce up your outdoor space with natural stone to really make this area stand out. If you’re putting natural stone around the pool, make sure you work with your flooring professional to choose one that is not slippery when wet. See the 8 types of natural stone decking.


If you don’t already have natural stone countertops, now is the time to install them. Granite and marble are two of the most popular natural stones for countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these stones are elegant, durable, and resistant to heat, which is why they work so well in these areas of the home. There are many different colors of both granite and marble, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a color that works with the rest of your home.

The Bathroom

The countertop isn’t the only place in the bathroom that can be enhanced with natural stone. Natural stone is versatile, so it can be used in many different areas within the bathroom. Many homeowners also use natural stone in their showers, on their bathroom floors, and as backsplashes behind their sinks. This will turn your bathroom into a private oasis and will definitely increase the overall value of your home.

Even if you’re not thinking about selling your home right away, installing natural stone now will help put more money in your pocket when you do decide to sell. Once you’re ready to start transforming your home with natural stone, get in touch with the professionals at Natural Stone Sales. Our expert staff has been working one-on-one with customers in the greater Denver area for over three decades. We specialize in providing superior and personalized natural stone and hardwood services using only the highest quality products on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautiful custom look with slate for your home!