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Denver Natural Stone Kitchen Backsplash Color Options

September 25, 2019

One of the more unknown but functional pieces of any kitchen is the backsplash utilized either above a stove or between the countertop and upper cabinets throughout the entire space. This area helps to separate the two different distinctions between lower and upper cabinets but did you also know that it serves an important purpose? Originally placed into position comprised of natural stone, tile, or any other water resistant matter, the backsplash helps to protect the exposed wall from damage. Helping to eliminate splatter and serving to protect, the backsplash is not only a key decorative piece but one that serves a larger purpose than simple aesthetic design.

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes come in a variety of different colors, shapes, and designs. Fortunately, almost anything the homeowner desires can be achieved with the right combination of materials and style. Installed from the point where countertops meet a wall, these areas typically extend to the above cabinet line but there’s also nothing wrong with extending coverage to the ceiling. Even with the wide variety of available options and designs, there’s a few key components when deciding on which color to use. 

Light colored backsplashes go well with dark colored countertops and light cabinets. Depending on the selection here, a light color may work best. For example, white cabinets with a dark grey counter can be highlighted with a lighter backsplash option. Incorporating some of the counter color within the design is also a possibility.

Dark backsplash can be utilized for both light and darker colored counters. These are typically used in contrast with the cabinet colors or to break up some of the brighter hues. If white countertops are being installed then using a darker backsplash can create a sleek and modern look.

The amount of wall covering being used is also something to consider when determining an exact color scheme or pattern. Depending on if only a small area (i.e. above the stove) or larger portion of the wall (i.e. from countertop to ceiling) is being covered can help homeowners determine if they should go with a light or dark color. Lighter hues will help to brighten the kitchen but are more vulnerable to showing spills and mess, whereas darker colors conceal much of the splatter but darken the room.

Implementing a bold kitchen backsplash is also a possibility to create not only a functional space but one that will leave a lasting impression. Depending on how big of an impression you wish to make, there’s multiple options in line with this category as well.

If you’re ready to make a positive change within your kitchen, then we’re here and ready to help move your project forward. Our specially trained experts can assist in helping you select the best design and all appropriate materials. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the greater-Denver area for 15 years with a wide variety of differing available options for view in our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what any tile will look like by itself or in combination with your current bathroom or kitchen design.Come look and feel for yourself the wide variety of tile options available to choose from and determine with will fit exactly as desired. Our highly trained staff has been providing quality service and helping customers, completing installations, and even providing maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us today at 303-777-7485 or visit the showroom and take a look for yourself.