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How Humidity Affects Denver Hardwood

August 16, 2017

Hardwood is durable, but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. If you have hardwood floors, it’s important to control the humidity in your home if you want to keep your floors in good shape. Ideally, hardwood floors should be kept in an environment with a humidity level between 35-55%. Why does this matter? Here’s how humidify affects Denver hardwood:

High Humidity

Once humidity rises above 55%, the moisture in the air may begin to seep into your floorboards. Both solid and engineered hardwood are vulnerable to moisture, so they may start to swell in a humid home. Swelling will eventually cause the floorboards to warp or cup. If this happens to your wood floors, you will need to contact a professional as soon as possible.

Because high humidity levels can damage hardwood floors, it’s best not to install hardwood in high humidity areas. For example, bathrooms and laundry rooms tend to be more humid than other rooms in the house. For these rooms, it’s recommended that you choose tiles that are designed to look like hardwood instead of actual hardwood.

Low Humidity

Low humidity levels can also affect wood floors. If the humidity level drops below 35%, the wood may begin to dry out and weaken. If wood is left in this type of environment for a long period of time, it may begin to crack.

How to Control Humidity in Your Home

It’s important to keep the humidity levels in your home in check if you want to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floors. To do this, you may want to consider spending a few hundred dollars on a professionally installed home humidifier. This unit will ensure that the humidity level in your home never falls outside of the ideal range. Learn more about how your home's indoor environment affects your hardwood floor.

If you do get this unit installed, make sure you never turn it off, even when you go on vacation. Homeowners often turn everything off when they leave home, but this isn’t a good idea if you have hardwood floors. Keep the humidifier running even if you will be gone for several days so you don’t come home to a damaged hardwood floor.

You should also talk to the professional who installs your hardwood flooring about humidity. The ideal level of humidity is usually 35-55%, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer of the hardwood. Some manufacturers recommend slightly lower levels, while others suggest slightly higher levels. Always have this conversation with your flooring professional so you know the best way to care for your floors.

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