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Denver Quartz Countertops: Why Prefabricated Might Be the Best Option

May 16, 2018

If the idea of a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation seems overwhelming because of the anticipated length of the project, you should know that there are ways you can shave some time off of your remodel. For example, if you have ever watched any of the home makeover shows on HGTV or the DIY channel, those projects seem to go extremely fast! Obviously, there is some editing going on because even the quickest remodel can’t happen over a period of a couple of hours or days. But if you are considering Denver quartz countertops, one way to save a lot of time is going with a prefabricated countertop. Custom countertops simply take longer than prefabs.

There are plenty of other reasons to go this route when you are planning your project. Let’s take a look at some of them.

There Is Still Plenty of Variety

You might think you need to go custom if you want to find the right color for your design, but that is simply not the case. You can still find a wide variety of colors and patterns with prefabricated quartz—and you should have no problem finding the one that is just right for your room.

They Are Less Expensive

When you are undertaking a big remodeling job, such as a kitchen or bathroom, saving a little money along the way is always welcome, and the good news about prefab quartz countertops: They cost less. Just think of where else you might be able to use the cost savings in other parts of your design.

They Are Easier to Install

Because the installer won’t have to do any cutting on site, the prefab counters are a lot easier to cut. Your kitchen or bathroom will be much less of a construction zone with a countertop that is delivered in the proper size so all that has to be done is set it into place.

They Are Easier to Replace

Are you worried about making the wrong decision for countertops in your kitchen or bathroom? Will you want to update with something new a few years down the road? The good news is that it will all that much easier to do so if you have used prefabricated countertops.

Are you still on the fence about using Denver quartz countertops? Check out this article by HGTV, and you can find out more about what makes quartz such a great contender for your kitchen renovation.


Now that you know just what a good idea it is to go with prefabricated quartz countertops, it’s time to choose the right style for your home. Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices available? Contact Natural Stone Sales for help with installing these countertops around your home. Our expert staff has been helping customers in the Denver area with their home renovations for more than three decades. We specialize in providing superior and personalized natural stone and hardwood services using only the highest quality products on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautiful custom look for your home!


How You Can Use Denver Porcelain Tile to Make Spaces Feel Bigger or Smaller

May 9, 2018

If you live in a small space, or if you have one room in your home that feels cramped, you might want to consider using Denver porcelain tile. Porcelain tile also works for large rooms that lack that feeling of intimacy.
Porcelain tile has always been appreciated for its beauty and durability, and many homeowners are delighted to learn that it is low maintenance as well.

Porcelain comes in a variety of shapes and colors, one of which is sure to enhance the look your home. Take a look at some of the porcelain stone tiles you can get at Natural Stone Sales to achieve many different types of looks!

Making Small Spaces Seem Bigger

If you’re dealing with very small spaces, the people at StyleCaster have tips on making rooms look bigger in this article: How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger. You can also talk to the experts at Natural Stone Sales for their ideas.

One of the ways porcelain makes spaces seem bigger is because of the luminescent quality of this stone. You can also play with the shapes of the tiles to make a small room seem larger, such as using a smaller-sized tile for a tiny bathroom. Rather than using accent tiles for a tiny bathroom—which tend to make areas look smaller—consider using a monotone tile design to give the illusion of a greater surface area. Tiling a shower and tub area all the way to the ceiling is another way to make spaces seem bigger.

If you’re looking to add new flooring to a small condo, porcelain tiles can be a great way to improve flow and make the place look much bigger. Consider the pattern of the tile, such as laying it diagonally versus straight, to also increase the look of the space.

Making Big Spaces Seem Cozier

When you have a particularly large space, you might want to use porcelain tiles to get the opposite result. Darker tiles will make rooms feel warmer. Laying tile diagonally can also ensure you draw the eye to a focal point of the room, such as a fireplace. Using darker grout with lighter tile can also make spaces feel more intimate.
Some new homes have particularly large master bathrooms, giving them a cold feel. You can use porcelain tile, as well as accent tiles, to warm up the space.

Taking Care of Porcelain Tile

This beautiful stone can last for many years if it is properly cared for; luckily, it’s pretty easy. Vacuum or mop the floor prior to using any kind of cleaner on it. Then you can apply either vinegar-and-water mixture or commercial product designed for porcelain, saturating the surface. Let this soak for a few minutes. Scrub any stained areas with a soft brush, then wipe the floors clean.

If you are planning to replace the flooring in one of your rooms or in your entire home, call our experts at Natural Stone Sales today at 303-777-7485 to make an appointment. They can offer the best solutions for your space and suggest the perfect size, style, texture, and color to maximize the beauty of any living area—regardless of its size.

Creating a Natural Stone Fire Pit in Your Denver Backyard

May 2, 2018

It doesn’t get much better than sitting in the backyard around a firepit during cool Colorado evenings. Because of our high altitude here along the Front Range, even in the warmest summer months the nights are often cool enough to build a fire. You can go to almost any home improvement chain to buy a fire pit. But have you ever considered creating a natural stone firepit in your Denver backyard? Think about how beautiful—and functional—a custom natural stone firepit would be.

It might seem like a daunting task to create a firepit on your own, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. You can also take a look at this helpful tutorial from the folks at HGTV: How to Make a Backyard Fire pit. It includes plenty of pictures for reference—and to give you some ideas. Check out our website for a list of all the natural stone we have to offer.

Here is an overview of the steps needed to build your firepit.

Step 1—Pick Up a Kit for the Inside of the Firepit
This kit will provide what you need so can light an actual fire in your pit once the natural stone structure is in place.

Step 2—Decide on a Location for the Firepit
Location will be important since the firepit is going to be a permanent structure. Pick a spot in your backyard away from buildings or low-overhanging trees.

Step 3—Dig Out the Spot
Grab a shovel and get to work! Dig a trench about 6 inches deep that is the same size as the stones you will be using. Then dig the center of the pit another 6 inches deeper.

Step 4—Determine How Drainage Will Work
Drainage is important because you don’t want the firepit to fill with water when it rains. Fill in the center with a few inches of gravel.

Step 5—Start Layering Stones Around the Area
Make sure the stones are level. When putting in additional layers of stones, use caulk and a masonry adhesive. Do small areas at a time because the adhesive will dry quickly.

Step 6—Fill the Pit With More Gravel
Add another 6 inches of gravel; this will help keep the walls of the firepit steady as you finish up the stone layers.

Step 7—Use a Steel Campfire Ring Around the Area
It should be even with the top layer of the stone wall.

Step 8—Use More Natural Stone for the Top of the Area
This will be your final touch to the firepit. Once you have finished it, you are ready for an evening around the firepit—and maybe even some s’mores!

Rocks that are less porous and more dense are best choices for your natural stone fire pit. If you are ready to increase the enjoyment of your backyard with a fire pit but aren’t sure where to start, speak to one of our design consultants today by calling 303-777-7485. This is a great time of year to start planning enjoyable summer nights in your backyard. A firepit made from natural stone is safe and will last you for years to come. Contact us today!

Best Colors and Lighting for Your New Denver Granite Countertops

April 25, 2018

Are you considering updating your bathrooms with Denver granite countertops? This is a great addition that will not only change the entire room for the better but add to your home value too! When upgrading counters, make sure the colors and lighting in the room complement each other. Learn more about granite installation and how to best coordinate the colors and lighting in the space to match.

Granite Installation

When it comes to your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other rooms in your house, granite is the perfect upgrade. It has elegance and beauty that laminate and other constructions could never have! Also, it’s very durable—holding up well to the day-to-day demands of a home. It also tolerant of heat. While you wouldn’t want to set a hot pan fresh off the stove on the surface, it can handle the heat. When it comes to cleaning, you will not need any fancy, expensive cleaners. In fact, they can be detrimental! You only need a gentle, mild detergent and warm water. Also, you can work with your local stone installer to see if the granite you are interested will need to be sealed. This will provide a protective layer to prevent spills from infiltrating the surface. Before making a purchase, make sure you know the top things to consider when buying Denver granite countertops.


Once you’ve chosen the color you’d like your granite counters to be, make sure the colors in the room match. If possible, you could ask your granite installer for a small sample for you to take to your local hardware store for picking color schemes. Another great option is to simply take a photo on your smartphone! For color scheme, choose colors that on the color wheel, are close to your granite. To mix things up, you can use colors that are the opposite of another on the wheel, too.


The last area to coordinate during your granite installation project is lighting. It is important to have the right lights for the space and ambiance. For kitchens or other work areas, make sure there is bright lighting. This will help showcase your counters! If you would like the option to tone things down, add can lighting on a dimmer. This will give you a range of options. For kitchens, consider adding lights under your cabinets. Not only will this look great but showcase the new counters! For the bathroom, you can have a few options installed. First, if you get ready in the bathroom, make sure you have bright lights from the ceiling, or better, around your mirror. But you don’t have to keep your bathroom so bright. Install canned lighting or a nice fixture that has the option to dim. This can be especially helpful if you get up late at night and need to see, but don’t want the bright lights in your face.

As you make the next step to look into granite counters, Natural Stone Sales will help. We have a variety of granite perfect for any home setting. See what we can do for you by stopping in to see us at 900 We. Mississippi Ave. in Denver.

Picking Natural Stone for Your Denver Patio This Spring

April 18, 2018

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time to start making all of those fun outdoor plans—barbecues, cocktail parties, graduations, birthdays, weddings, or whatever events you have coming up. Perhaps you are already thinking about putting in a patio for entertaining. Imagine the great parties you can have on a backyard patio. But before you resign yourself to a boring concrete slab, think about using natural stone for your Denver patio for a more unique, rustic look. Using a natural stone such as travertine, slate, or granite will create a gorgeous space that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.

There is something to consider when it comes to using a natural stone for your outdoor oasis rather than concrete: maintenance. Concrete might be dull, but it is pretty low maintenance. Using a stone will most likely mean some type of maintenance is necessary. But we think you’ll agree—it’s well worth it!
We invite you to give us a call at Natural Stone Sales, and we can help you choose the best stone for your new patio. This article from the folks at HGTV also offers some tips: Choosing Materials for Your Patio.

Let’s take a look at some of the natural stones you have available for your upcoming patio project!


Let’s start with the hardest stone that is also the least porous: granite. This colorfast stone is perfect for the outdoors because it is hardy when it comes to the elements. The bright Colorado sun might warm up its natural colors a bit, but it will be beautiful for many years to come. Other than sealing it regularly, it is quite low-maintenance.


Marble is another hard and durable choice. Because of its slight tendency to be porous, you will need to seal marble at least once a year. It stands up well to the sun, and its natural colors should not fade. Keep in mind that depending on how you finish it, it could be slippery when wet.


Travertine adds an earthy look that is particularly beautiful around pools because of its nonslip surface. It is generally best for areas that are sheltered from extreme temperatures. Sealing this stone is very important, particularly in the face of the elements. (Read our article on the do’s and don’ts of taking care of your travertine tile.)


Slate has that same warmth to it as does travertine. It can fade in bright sunlight, so it might be a better choice for a covered patio. Make sure to choose a smoother surface for your patio tiles to avoid an uneven surface.

Whatever natural stone you decide on, your new natural stone patio will provide beautiful square footage to your home you can enjoy this summer and many summers to come.Let us know when you are ready to get started on your upcoming patio project, and we are happy to help you choose one of the beautiful natural stone options that are available. Call Natural Stone Sales at 303-777-7485 to set up a consultation today—and you’ll be ready to host a summer get-together by the time Memorial Day rolls around.