Denver Granite

Granite is a natural stone that offers the beauty and elegance that only mother nature can offer. Granite is an igneous rock that is formed by the slow crystallization of various minerals. One of granites many attributes is the range of color and patterns throughout each piece. Granites overall resiliency and strength makes it ideal or granite countertops, granite floors, granite backsplashes, granite showers, and many other residential and commercial applications.

Absolute Black
Almond Mauve
Blue Pearl

Bainbrook Brown

Baltic Brown
Bianco Taupe
Black Galaxy
Dakota Mahogony
Emerald Pearl
English Brown
Giallo Fiorito
Giallo Ornamental
Kashmir White

Labrador Antico

Tan Brown
Santa Ceclia
Uba Tuba
Venetian Gold
Verde Butterfly
Verde Fuocco

Latest Granite News in Denver

Trendy Denver Granite Color Schemes For Your Kitchen Island

April 12, 2017

Instead of using the same Denver granite throughout the entire kitchen, many homeowners are choosing to use a different color of granite on their kitchen islands. This creates a striking contrast and can instantly add character and style to the room, but only if it’s done correctly. Here are some of the trendy colors you should use on your kitchen island countertop:

Navy Blue

Navy is a lot like black, so although its popularity may rise and fall over the years, it will never really go out of style. That’s what makes this a great choice for the countertops on your kitchen island. If you have light colored countertops throughout the rest of your kitchen, navy is the perfect color to use on your island. It works especially well with white or gray colored cabinets, but because it’s considered a neutral, it can complement any type of cabinetry. Learn more about 2017 color trends.


If you want a light, airy kitchen, you may think that using black is off-limits, but that’s not necessarily the case. Depending on the rest of your kitchen design, black might be the perfect choice for your island’s countertops. Black works especially well in kitchens that have a lot of white. For example, if you have white countertops or cabinets paired with white backsplash tile or flooring, adding black will help you pull off that chic black-and-white look. If the rest of your kitchen is fairly dark, black would not be the best choice for your island’s countertops.


Deep, emerald greens can add warmth and vibrancy to any kitchen, but it can be overpowering when used throughout the entire kitchen. Choose a deep green granite countertop for your island if the rest of your kitchen features neutral browns, tans, or grays. Adding green to your island will give your kitchen an eye-catching pop of color.


If you chose bold countertops for the rest of your kitchen, keep it simple by using white granite countertops on your island. For example, if you used the verde fuocco granite, which is gray and pink, you shouldn’t use another bold color on your island that will compete with this granite. Using white will provide a much-needed balance and make the entire room look more pulled together and sophisticated. The best part? White countertops pair well with any type of cabinet, so this look can work in every kitchen.


Gray is quickly becoming one of the most popular neutral colors, so why not incorporate it into your kitchen? This is another granite color that can be used to balance out bold kitchen design, but one color that it does not pair well with is brown. If you have brown or tan countertops throughout the rest of your kitchen, you may want to choose a different color for your island.

Contact Natural Stone Sales for help with installing Denver granite around your home. Our expert staff has been working one-on-one with customers in the Denver area for over three decades. We specialize in providing superior and personalized natural stone and hardwood services using only the highest quality products on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautiful custom look for your home!

Choosing the Right Edge For Your Denver Granite Countertops

So, you’ve decided to use Denver granite on your countertops, found an installer, and even picked a color that you think will work perfectly in your home. What next? There’s one more decision that you have to make: which edge do you want? Here are some of the different options:

Straight Edges
If you are going for a clean, minimalistic look in your kitchen, it’s best to choose a granite countertop with a straight edge. You should also use a straight edge if you don’t want your countertops to distract from another design element in your kitchen, such as unique cabinets or bright colored appliances. Although they are called straight edges, they are actually not completely straight. These edges are slightly curved so they aren’t sharp and dangerous. One of the most popular straight edges is the radius, which is slightly rounded at the top of the edge, and then squared at the bottom.

Curved Edges
Straight edges have a slight curve, but the curved shape is much more pronounced in curved edges. These edges are timeless and will complement any type of kitchen. But because they instantly soften the entire room, curved edges work best in warm and inviting kitchens. You should also consider curved edges if you have small children in your home. It’s much safer for a child to bump his head on a curved edge countertop than it is for him to bump it against a straight or fancy edge. If you’re a clumsy cook, you also won’t have to worry about hurting yourself if you bump into a curved edge countertop.

If you are interested in a curved edge countertop, ask your installer to see samples of pencil, bullnose, and Tuscan curve edges to get an idea of what they look like.

Fancy Edges
Finally, homeowners also have the option of choosing from various fancy edges. This type of edge is used to give the kitchen a luxurious and expensive feel. Fancy edges are much more detailed than curved and straight edges, so they look more bold and expensive. If you are intrigued by fancy edges but don’t want them to overpower the rest of your kitchen, consider using them only on your kitchen’s island. Then, use a straight or curved edge on the rest of your countertops to provide balance.

One thing to keep in mind is that the demand for fancy edges comes and goes over time. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, it may be best to stick to a classic straight or curved edge to appeal to more buyers.

Contact Natural Stone Sales for help with installing Denver granite around your home. Our expert staff has been working one-on-one with customers in the Denver area for over three decades. We specialize in providing superior and personalized natural stone and hardwood services using only the highest quality products on the market. Contact us today to find out how we can create a beautiful custom look for your home!

3 Styles of Kitchens and How to Incorporate Denver Granite into Each

When it comes to different styles of kitchen, there are three top types: Traditional, rustic and modern. Each of these has their own flair and personality. It is a great investment to increase the value of your home to renovate your kitchen. Plus, you can find the style that best fits you and your family. Learn more about the three different styles of kitchens and how to incorporate Denver granite into each.  


Traditional kitchens provide a timeless and simple look. This style of kitchen is elegant with lots of character. Crown molding is very popular in this style of kitchen, making every angle of the space unique.  It is comprised of many different natural elements from light or dark wood cabinets. Traditional kitchens are usually filled with light colors, from white and beige, to yellow or light brown. The natural colors continue onto the counters. You can add in natural shades of granite that will perfectly complement the ambiance of the room. Traditional kitchens also often have a traditional and simple hanging light. Recessed lighting is also common.


For a kitchen rich with character, the rustic style would be great for you. Natural shades of quality wood are very common in rustic kitchens. It is common to find brown cabinets with glass panes to under counter cabinets of the same color with large decorative knobs. This style can be taken to a next level with natural stone incorporated as a backsplash. Rustic kitchens are often very grand with large comfortable seats and an especially large stove. You can also find sinks with deep basins and only one bowl. Wood is a very common element of this style, but granite pairs incredibly well with it. Natural colors are a great addition. Along with your granite counters, a butcher block is a great add to a rustic kitchen.

Modern and Contemporary

Modern and contemporary kitchens focus on simplicity. Straight lines are a very common feature in this style. That does not mean this type of kitchen does not lack character. Modern kitchen can mix up the rules and have a mix of everything, with wood elements to plain colors. They are also known for quirky features such as unique lighting and furniture to a variety of colors. Some people prefer a clean white appearance with white or other light colored granite cabinets to a mix of bold colors. This style of kitchen can be grand, and because of the simplicity of it, it can make the kitchen look much larger. Contemporary kitchens are like modern, but they do have differences. In the Wall Street Journal’s “Modern or Contemporary: What’s the Difference in Home Styles?” they explain that modern homes have elements from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, which were rich in monochromatic color pallets and exposed steel and concrete. Contemporary has similar elements but more character and soul than modern. It also is ever changing with today’s styles as opposed to staying close to those older elements.

Once you decide what to do with your kitchen, be sure to read these go-to bathroom remodel tips and reasons to choose Denver granite. When ready to get started, Natural Stone Sales is your premier local family owned stone sales business. Call us today at 303-777-7485 to get started on your next project!

Bathroom Remodel Tips and Reasons to Choose Denver Granite

January 4, 2017

When remodeling your bathroom, there are many things to consider. From fixtures to counter types, you can make a large difference in a project. For stones, Denver granite is a gorgeous addition. It is upscale and drastically changes the look of a room. There are many benefits and advantages of choosing this option when kicking off a bathroom remodel. Learn how this quality stone is your go-to option.

Prioritizing and Preliminary Discovery Phase

So, you want to remodel your bathroom? There is much to consider. First, ask yourself why you are wanting to tackle this project in the first place. What issues do you need to resolve? Those should be your top priorities to address. For instance, if you have a small space, how can you make it more efficient? Are you looking for more space—how can you make that happen? Once you set your priorities you can move onto the next phase to choose the style.

Bathroom Styles

There are a variety of styles—many that you may not have realized existed. When considering a style, try to find one that works with the overall theme of your home. The two most common or top styles are modern and traditional. Traditional bathrooms are elegant with vintage vibes. At the same time, there is a lot detail and character within cabinets, fixtures, etc. Modern is simple with a sleek appearance and relies heavily on cleanliness and lines or shapes. Want the best of both worlds? You can do whatever you want! Try an eclectic style which allows you to mix and match and celebrate your own style. This is something your remodeling company can with you on to find a unique style that does not clash.

Choosing Granite Countertops

One of the best stones you can use for your bathroom remodel is granite. Granite is a strong stone that can stand up to water and other elements. This premier stone will last for years when sealed—which helps prevents water and particles from seeping the stone’s pores. It also cuts easily which will come in handy if you have an oddly sized bathroom vanity. Granite also doesn’t scratch easily, which will be perfect with the various tools that are used in the bathroom. You can find this stone in a multitude of colors to perfectly complement your new bathroom style, fixture and paint colors.

When looking for granite for your bathroom remodel, visit Natural Stone Sales. We are a locally owned and operated family business that can help you find the perfect granite stone slab for your project. With over 15 years of experience, we will ensure you find the best option for your home renovation project! Looking to expand your project? Learn more about the types and styles of Denver granite countertops to incorporate in your home. To get started, give us a call at 303-777-7485. You can also stop by our local showroom to see our stones in person. We are opened from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Difference Between Denver Prefabricated Granite Slabs and Slab Counters?

When renovating a room with upgraded countertops, granite is a popular and beautiful choice. It provides an elegance that is unmatched and can drastically can change the look and tone of a room. When it comes to adding these counters, you have your choice between prefabricated granite slabs and slab counters. Each have their benefits and you can consider both types of your home remodel. 
  • Slab Counters: When purchasing slab counters, you are essentially purchasing an entire slab of stone. This allows homeowner the ability to work with a stone company to create a custom look to fit your kitchen or other types of counter. This is also an ideal option for small custom needs in a home. For this type of counter, you can have your choice of stone to cut and take advantage of unique styles as no two set of stones are quite the same. So, if you can find a large slab you can use the same rock for all types of different counters.
  • Prefabricated Countertops: Prefabricated stone counters have been cut to size. While it does not give the customer the advantage for custom work, but there are added cost savings with the stone already cut. They also are available at a discount because they are cut in bulk by manufacturers and it passes the savings off you, the consumer. Usually, premier prefabricated slabs are cut to the most popular sizes, so you can choose slabs that will fit the areas you need to add. This type of counter also comes with a bullnose edge, meaning they are rounded on the edges. For more info on prefabricated granit countertops, check out Granite Savings: Working With Prefab Granite Countertops.
  • Benefits of Granite: Whether you choose slab or prefabricated counters, granite is one of the best options to choose. From its upscale appearance and classic appeal, it is a great addition to your home that will increase its value. In addition, granite is easy to clean and maintain. By sealing it, you can protect it from spills and maintain is quality so it will last for a lot longer. It typically needs to be sealed every year or two. Also, it is durable and does not scratch easily. This makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas and more as it stands up to the everyday use and abuse. Granite can also handle high heat settings and can handle hot items being set on it without damaging it. You will also love the added value that your house will have when making the switch to granite. Learn more about the pros and cons of granite countertops to see if they are right for you.
When looking for the perfect granite for your home, Natural Stone Sales can help. We are you’re your go-to top locally owned and operated family business with almost 20 years of professional experience. No matter what type of stone needs you have, our team can find the perfect fit for your home and budget. You will love the individualized care you will receive and can shop around our local showroom for ideas. Stop by and see us from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday at 900 W. Mississippi Ave. in Denver.