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Denver Porcelain Tile Design Ideas For Your Home

August 23, 2017

Many homeowners use Denver porcelain tile in their bathrooms, kitchens, and in various other places throughout their homes. Porcelain is resistant to stains and water, and is fairly inexpensive, so it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular. If you’re considering adding porcelain tile to your home, here are a few different design ideas to inspire you:


Rustic or country-inspired homes are incredibly popular right now, so you may be thinking about incorporating this trend into your home in some way. To achieve this look, use a porcelain tile that is designed to look similar to wood in an unexpected place. For example, everyone knows that wood is not very resistant to water, so no one would expect to see wood in a shower. Surprise your guests by lining the walls of your shower with porcelain tile that looks like wood. This will help you achieve the rustic look in a unique way.

Some porcelain tiles are even designed to look like distressed wood. Distressed wood gives off an even stronger rustic vibe than traditional wood, so keep these options in mind when choosing the right tile for your home. See more rustic bathroom décor ideas from HGTV.


Marble is another big trend right now, but many homeowners are hesitant to use it because of the price. Fortunately, it’s possible to achieve the marble look without breaking the bank by using porcelain tile. The “Calcutta Polished” porcelain tile looks almost identical to marble, but it will cost you a fraction of the price. Use this tile in your bathroom or kitchen to create a trendy, all-white look that is worthy of being on the pages of an interior design magazine.

Contrasting Colors

Consider using two different colors of porcelain tile in your bathroom. One color, which should be a neutral, can be used on the floor of the bathroom, while the other, which should be brighter and bolder, can be used in the shower. For example, use white or cream colored porcelain tile on the floor and a deep navy blue porcelain tile in the shower. Or, use a light tan colored tile on the floor and pair it with a deep green shower tile. This works especially well in bathrooms that have luxurious, walk-in showers, since this will become the focal point of the room.


Create a bold and daring monochromatic look in your bathroom or kitchen by using the same color of porcelain tile on both your floors and your backsplash. Make sure the countertop should be a contrasting color so everything in your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t blend together. For instance, if you choose a dark gray porcelain tile to use on your floor and backsplash, break up the gray by choosing a bright white countertop.

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