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Tips For Using Denver Limestone in Your Home

October 4, 2017

Limestone is a classic natural stone that can be used inside and outside of your home. Although it has a timeless beauty, it still isn’t as well known as granite or marble, so many homeowners are unfamiliar with this striking stone. If you’re unsure of how to incorporate Denver limestone into your home, follow these tips:

Design A Limestone Fireplace

A lot of homeowners use marble around their fireplace, but if you want your home to stand out, choose limestone instead. Limestone is just as sleek and elegant as marble, but it also has a textured surface that gives it a bit of an edge. Using limestone around your fireplace is a great way to draw attention to this feature and make it the focal point of the room.

Use Bold Colors

Many natural stones come in bold colors, but limestone only comes in neutral colors. This gives homeowners the opportunity to pair limestone with bright and vibrant colors such as red, green, blue, and orange. The muted color of limestone will tone down the brightness of these colors and make them look more sophisticated. Limestone will provide balance to the room so the bright color that you choose does not overpower the entire space.

Install Limestone Flooring

Limestone tile is a great flooring material because of its durability, which makes it a wise investment, and natural texture, which makes it comfortable to walk across. Many homeowners choose to use limestone tiles in their kitchen to create a rustic, natural look. But, this isn’t the only area where you can install limestone flooring. Limestone is resistant to water and stains, so it can be used on practically any floor inside or outside of the home.

Around the Pool

Limestone is highly resistant to temperature changes and environmental elements, which is why it’s often used around outdoor swimming pools. If you plan on renovating your outdoor space, consider using limestone around your pool. Limestone can also be used to create stone benches that surround a fire pit or outdoor kitchen near your pool. See more home exterior ideas with limestone.

Alternative to Granite

Granite has been the go-to choice for countertops for the last decade, but it’s not for everyone. Homeowners who want their kitchens and bathrooms to stand out often choose limestone instead of granite. If you’re not ready to replace all of your granite with limestone, start small. Replace the countertop on your kitchen island with limestone and leave the rest of the granite countertops as is. Using these two natural stones together is unexpected and original, so your guests will love your creativity.

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