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The Main Advantages of Using Porcelain Tiles in Denver

January 4, 2018

Porcelain has exploded onto the tile and flooring scene in modern times. While porcelain itself has been around since ancient times, it’s availability and use were in a far more limited capacity. The versatility of porcelain tiles has since made it a favorite in the use of residential and commercial buildings alike. So why all are porcelain tiles all the rage in Denver and around the country? Let’s take a look of some of the major benefits of this building material.


Areas that see heavy foot traffic or experience hard impacts often quickly show their wear and tear. Whether it is caused by stains, cracks, or chips, a damaged floor can be an eyesore and expensive to replace. Porcelain tiles happen to be resistant to nearly all types of damage. Their surface is hard to scratch, shock absorbent, and not particularly affected by stain or damage causing moisture. Furthermore, they are even fire and frost resistant.

While porcelain tiles can be more expensive, their are long term savings and value found in their durability. With very little noticeable fading over long periods of time, they age very well by maintaining their original look and feel.

Ease of Care

The extreme and varied defenses of porcelain tiles are just part of what makes them so easy to care for. The smooth surface makes cleaning a much simpler process than found when dealing with more uneven or porous counterparts. Also, don’t worry about scratches caused by brooms and vacuums or discoloration and erosion caused by cleaning agents.

There is no need for any of the more intensive processes such as polishing, sealing, or waxing. Some mild soap and a damp mop or rag can be used to handle any spill. If tiles do become damaged, they can typically be replaced fairly easily.

Prolific Looks and Styles

Porcelain tiles can be made to imitate the appearance of nearly any other flooring/building resource you can think of. Colors can be altered and textures can be added at will. Whether you are looking for a certain stain/type of wood, granite, marble, limestone, or simply want a flat matte color, variants exists tailored to your desires.

By being dynamic, porcelain tiles allow for you to make designs choices without having to sacrifice quality, function, or durability. For instance, someone may want hardwood flooring, but dread the thought of what their pets may do to damage wood floors. Or maybe, a homeowner may love the look and durability of marble, but do not have the budget to incorporate the stone. Porcelain can provide the best of both worlds without having to feel as if the choice was a compromise.

If you are considering your available flooring options, no shortage of thought should be given to the advantages of porcelain tiles. If you’re intrigued or if you’re still unsure, visit Natural Stone Sales in Denver, CO. They offer consultations to clients to ensure they are satisfied with their choices and build a trust-based long term relationship.