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Home Decor Ideas Using Ledger Stack Stones in Denver

February 14, 2018

Are you looking for some of the top ways to enhance the design and décor of your home? What better way than to incorporate ledger stack stones in Denver! This go-to design trend is the perfect way to stand out and make the perfect statement. Learn about the latest in home décor trends, adding a premier accent wall, and how to use ledgers for backsplashes.

Latest Home Decor Trends

One of the most recent trends in home design are using contrasting colors. This includes painting the walls a dark color, or using dark décor, and pairing it with lightly colored elements. For instance, a dark grey wall with white trim and light accents. Circles and polka dots are also in for 2018. This can be adding in polka dot throw pillows on your couch, adding curtains with circles, and incorporating round rugs and throw pillows into your design. Another new trend that is emerging are jewels. This could be lighting fixtures or table décor that is in the shape of some of the world’s most beautiful jewels. Last, when it comes to fixtures, brass is making a comeback. You will start to see less brush nickel and similar finishes, and more brass coming back.

Types of Accent Walls

A great way to make a statement in a bland room is to add an accent wall. But there’s more that goes into it than just slapping on a new color of paint. When using an accent wall, you can use a bold paint color or look into accent wallpaper. Once you make your decision on what you would like your accent wall to feature, make sure it fits with your existing colors. If it doesn’t paint the room in a standard shade that complements the accent wall. To ensure you tackle the job right, make sure you read different accent wall tips: the essential do’s and don’ts.

Using Ledgers for Backsplashes

Incorporating ledgers as backsplashes is one of the best trends of 2018 to liven up a space. Ledger stack stones add color and texture to a space to give it charm and character. Through their dimensional attributes, they truly enhance the quality. You can choose from a variety of shapes and colors when it comes to Denver ledger stack stones. Keep a room clean and neat by choosing arctic white or beige tones or mix it up and be vibrant with a multi-color pattern. You can’t go wrong! Not sure where to begin? Read a guide to using Denver ledger stack stones to get started.
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