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Best Colors and Lighting for Your New Denver Granite Countertops

April 25, 2018

Are you considering updating your bathrooms with Denver granite countertops? This is a great addition that will not only change the entire room for the better but add to your home value too! When upgrading counters, make sure the colors and lighting in the room complement each other. Learn more about granite installation and how to best coordinate the colors and lighting in the space to match.

Granite Installation

When it comes to your kitchen, bathrooms, and any other rooms in your house, granite is the perfect upgrade. It has elegance and beauty that laminate and other constructions could never have! Also, it’s very durable—holding up well to the day-to-day demands of a home. It also tolerant of heat. While you wouldn’t want to set a hot pan fresh off the stove on the surface, it can handle the heat. When it comes to cleaning, you will not need any fancy, expensive cleaners. In fact, they can be detrimental! You only need a gentle, mild detergent and warm water. Also, you can work with your local stone installer to see if the granite you are interested will need to be sealed. This will provide a protective layer to prevent spills from infiltrating the surface. Before making a purchase, make sure you know the top things to consider when buying Denver granite countertops.


Once you’ve chosen the color you’d like your granite counters to be, make sure the colors in the room match. If possible, you could ask your granite installer for a small sample for you to take to your local hardware store for picking color schemes. Another great option is to simply take a photo on your smartphone! For color scheme, choose colors that on the color wheel, are close to your granite. To mix things up, you can use colors that are the opposite of another on the wheel, too.


The last area to coordinate during your granite installation project is lighting. It is important to have the right lights for the space and ambiance. For kitchens or other work areas, make sure there is bright lighting. This will help showcase your counters! If you would like the option to tone things down, add can lighting on a dimmer. This will give you a range of options. For kitchens, consider adding lights under your cabinets. Not only will this look great but showcase the new counters! For the bathroom, you can have a few options installed. First, if you get ready in the bathroom, make sure you have bright lights from the ceiling, or better, around your mirror. But you don’t have to keep your bathroom so bright. Install canned lighting or a nice fixture that has the option to dim. This can be especially helpful if you get up late at night and need to see, but don’t want the bright lights in your face.

As you make the next step to look into granite counters, Natural Stone Sales will help. We have a variety of granite perfect for any home setting. See what we can do for you by stopping in to see us at 900 We. Mississippi Ave. in Denver.