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Denver Granite Countertops: Choosing the Best Color for Your Kitchen

May 30, 2018

If you watch any of the many home improvement shows on television these days, you know that granite is one of the most popular types of stone people use for their kitchen countertops. Perhaps it was one of these programs that inspired your kitchen remodeling project in the first place. You know you’ll be using granite countertops for your Denver kitchen remodel, but how do you decide what color to use? 

There are some rules of thumb you might want to follow, and the folks at HGTV put together some of these tips in this article, Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertops. Another helpful tool is our kitchen visualizer, which will also help you make a good decision for your project
Here are some other tips.

White Granite Gives Any Kitchen a Clean and Modern Look

Although pure white granite is somewhat rare—it almost always has colored flecks in it—white granite is a great look for modern, contemporary kitchens. It looks great with dark cabinets because it will brighten up the space. It also matches well with both black or stainless appliances, which are what most kitchens have today.

Green Granite Gives Your Kitchen a Traditional Look

Green granite countertops can be unexpected, which is a part of their charm. Most green granite has earthy undertones, including browns and grays. Sometimes it will come with markings that are nearly geometric. Green tends to blend well with kitchen cabinets that are painted and that have shiny hardware. It also looks beautiful with wood tones and bronze accents.

Blue Granite Gives Your Kitchen an Unexpected Look

Blue granite usually comes with either homogeneous or veined patterns. With a homogenous look, the minerals in the stone are evenly distributed throughout, whereas the veined patterns tend to form swirl-like designs. Blue granite tends to have blue and black colors throughout, although brown, white, and gray are also somewhat common.

If you are looking to add to the beauty of your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with granite. If you think you might be listing your home within the next few years, granite countertops in your kitchen will more than pay for themselves when it comes to homebuyers paying a bit extra. Granite countertops have a real wow quality that homebuyers love. And if you plan to stay put in your home, think of the enjoyment you will get in the years to come from your granite countertops. You can’t go wrong with this popular stone.

Any color of granite can be beautiful as long as it complements the rest of your kitchen. When you are ready to remodel your kitchen with new countertops, contact Natural Stone Sales for help with installing granite in your kitchen or your bathroom. Our expert staff has been working one-on-one with customers in the Denver area for over three decades. We specialize in providing superior and personalized natural stone and hardwood services using only the highest quality products on the market. Contact us today so we can help you create a beautiful custom look for your home.