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Using Denver Limestone Around Your Home

June 5, 2018

If you are upgrading some of the surfaces in your home, have you ever considered limestone? Denver limestone is a beautiful natural stone that is often overlooked by homeowners. Some of them haven’t heard of it being used in homes; others tend to gravitate toward the better-known options of marble and granite. But limestone, formed from sedimentary rocks, is a striking stone that should be considered.
Even do-it-yourselfers can install limestone. This article from provides more information on doing the work yourself.
Here are some great reasons you might want to consider limestone for your next home project.


Let’s face it. Natural stone is gorgeous—but it can be expensive. For many homeowners, it is simply out of their budget. This is where limestone can provide a cheaper alternative to the more expensive natural stones. Homeowners still get the beauty and sophistication of natural stone—but it’s easier on the wallet.

Strength and Durability

Limestone is often used in museums and government buildings. Why? Because it is strong and durable! If it holds up to the wear and tear of a courthouse for decades (and even centuries), think about how well it will do in your home. This stone will be around until you get rid of it yourself—and that can be a very long time!
Taking care of it is easy. All you have to do is mop it regularly and clean up spills when they happen. Most homeowners are also unaware of the low maintenance requirements of this natural stone.

Color Variety

Limestone has gorgeous veining, and even though it comes in neutrals such as white, beige, gray, and tan, the patterns are unique and vibrant. Given that these shades are neutral, you’ll have an easy time matching it to the rest of the items in your home, including cabinetry, furniture, and window coverings. Limestone offers a subtle beauty that will not overpower the room.

Consistent Look

One of the real advantages of limestone is that it is more consistent in appearance. Unlike natural stone such as granite and marble, often what you see in the showroom looks rather different than what ends up on your kitchen counter. This is because of the nature of natural stone. But with limestone, what you see in the showroom and what you get at home will be almost identical. This means you will not be surprised—or disappointed—when the stone is actually installed in your home.

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