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Denver Slate Countertops: Are They a Good Idea for Your Kitchen

June 20, 2018

When it comes to countertops, many people immediately turn to what is most popular, and today that means granite or marble. But slate is another option that people should consider. Although slate is softer with a more matte surface, it’s beauty cannot be denied. People should be aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to using this smooth, metamorphic rock. Are slate countertops right for your Denver kitchen?
If you are still on the fence about what countertop material to use in your kitchen, read this article by HGTV: Choosing Countertops—Natural Stone.
Because of the matte appearance of slate, it lacks the shine that is available with most of the other countertop materials. This is a drawback for some people because it is different. There are also fewer color options available with slate, and if you choose this stone for your countertops, you will be limited to shades of black, gray, purple, and green.


In contrast to those who miss the shininess and glossiness of marble or granite, many people appreciate the sophistication of slate. Its understated appearance provides a subtle beauty that cannot be replicated with granite, marble, laminate, or other shiny countertops.

Heat Resistance

One of the biggest advantages of having a slate countertop is its heat resistance. If you are a person who is always cooking, and you put a hot pot or dish on a slate countertop, there is nothing that could melt or burn away. This is largely because slate is unsealed. Another reason is because the slate is able to absorb the heat so it doesn’t stay focused on one area. You can pull something out of a hot oven and place it directly on a slate countertop—and your countertop will not be damaged at all.


A disadvantage of slate countertops is that they are prone to scratching, so the tip of a knife or a fork could cause a blemish in your countertop. However, these scratches are pretty easy to remove. All you have to do is use a bit of mineral oil and a damp sponge, and rub the scratch until it disappears. For scratches that are deeper, you can use a piece of steel wool to buff them right out.

Ease of Cleaning

Because of slate’s porous surface, liquids can seep into the countertops over time. But the absorption rate is remarkably slow, so the countertops are not prone to holding onto the stains. Cleaning slate countertops is easy: just scrub them occasionally with a damp cloth or sponge.

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