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Choosing Light or Dark Denver Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

August 29, 2018

It’s exciting when you decide to redo your kitchen and make the change to Denver granite countertops. Whether you are changing your countertops as a solo project, or if your entire kitchen is undergoing a remodel, deciding on the color—light versus dark—of your granite countertops can be a daunting task. After all, there are plenty of granite colors from which to choose.
One of the main considerations will be the color of your cabinets. Are you getting new ones? Keeping the old cabinets? The color will help steer you in one direction or another for granite.
Take a look at this guide from the professionals at HGTV on how to choose granite countertop colors. Then read on for more ideas on making your decision a bit easier.

Dark Cabinets and Lighter Granite

Current trends point toward using a lighter color granite for countertops if you have—or will have—dark cabinets. The contrast is a pleasant one. Also, lightening up the countertops when the cabinets are dark will help to keep the space looking brighter.

Light Cabinets and Darker Granite

The same concept of contrast holds true if your cabinets are light. They will help keep the space bright so the use of dark granite works will if you have light or white cabinets.
Keep in mind that darker granite might be more apt to show drips and spills, so you might have to be more diligent about cleaning them.

Flooring and Granite Color

You should also consider your flooring when choosing granite color. You don’t want things to necessarily match too much, but there should be a harmony to the color families of the floors and countertops. If the two don’t work well together, there is a risk of making your kitchen feel too busy and the colors too overwhelming.

Other Considerations

If you like bold colors, those don’t necessarily have to be reflected in the color of your countertops. You can pull in bold accessories such as small appliances, backsplashes, and window coverings. Keeping countertops and cabinets on the more neutral side will help you get a better resale value down the road.
You can also decide to mix it up. If you have an island, you can choose a lighter granite for it and a darker color for the countertops—or vice versa.
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