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How to Choose the Perfect Color of Denver Wood Look Tile

September 5, 2018

When transforming your home on a budget, nothing is better than Denver wood look tile. It is similar to actual wood for a fraction of the price, adding an upscale look for less. Available in a variety of styles and colors, this premier choice amongst homeowners will truly be a great addition to your home. Learn about the benefits of this type of flooring, tips for choosing a color scheme and how to pair with accent colors and wallpaper.

Benefits of Wood Like Tile

Wood look tile flooring is a top way to invest in new floors without breaking the bank—but that is not all. It is extremely beneficial in conditions that hardwood does not thrive well in, such as humid environments. In high humidity, your hardwood can warp over time. With quality wood look tile, it can handle the humidity without negative effects. Also, since hardwood flooring does not fare well with water and spills, this type of flooring is great for families with children and/or pets. If a spill is not cleaned up right away, the flooring will not be damaged. If you are concerned your wood look tile will not last as long as wood, think again! This type of flooring can last 10 to 20 years if cared for properly.

Choosing a Color Scheme

When picking out your wood look tile, there are endless colors to choose from. Given this investment will last for one to two decades, you need to ensure it fits your style.
  • Warm light shades: Warmer lighter shades have deep yellow ones, ideal for a classic feel. They are perfect to pair with light or dark paint colors in a classic or traditional environment. Great for large space.
  • Warm dark shades: Dark shades of wood can be paired in any color scheme in modern or classic homes. If you are only adding to a smaller space, it may give the illusion that it is smaller—it is ideal for larger areas.
  • Cool light shades: Cool, lighter shades have blue or light grey tones. It is ideal for large or small spaces to help add depth.
  • Cool dark shades: Cool, darker shades have a grey tone. They can be used in any environment and are especially great in modern or contemporary homes.

Pairing with Accent Colors and Wallpaper

If you are ready to paint your home when you get new flooring, it is important to learn how to select the right paint and color for your home. If you are looking for the best ways to make your home dynamic, consider adding an accent wall with wallpaper. Wallpaper is a durable option that will add dimension to any space. You can also explore go-to ways to incorporate Denver porcelain tile in your home as well.

Get the most in value and savings when choosing wood look tile from Natural Stone Sales. Our team of local stone and flooring specialists will help you make the best decisions for your design and budget. Schedule your appointment today by calling 303-777-7485.