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Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) for Your Denver Home Flooring

October 31, 2018

When building or remodeling a home there are many decisions to be made and each often is associated with correlating positives and negatives. From paint colors to kitchen handles, door types to lighting fixtures, and ceiling aesthetics down to the floors there are key factors to consider. Flooring, next to paint color, is arguably one of the biggest factors due to the increasing popularity of open floor plans. These concepts with walls removed and spaces that transition from kitchen, dining, to living rooms need a quality flooring selection which can aid in the flow of a home while providing a practical and durable surface for many years to come.

Typically, the associated materials to choose from included - carpet, hardwood, or vinyl. Like many of the decisions mentioned above, each has good qualities and other factors which may or may not make one or the other right for your home. However, now there is another option which is growing in demand due to its ability to combine many of the positives, while eliminating the negatives commonly associated with each of the preceding options - luxury vinyl tile (LVT). 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Vinyl has long been associated with the flooring family of options and this new twist may be the best in its history. LVT flooring has a 3D printing option which can create a realistic look of many natural surfaces within a less permanent flooring option.

Instead of having to remove flooring down to the subfloor for hardwood installation or stone tiles, LVT flooring can be simply placed over an existing floor in many circumstances. This floor also doesn’t come with the negatives associated with hardwood flooring kitchens and the tendency for water damage should some type of leak occur.


LVT flooring is also less likely to show wear compared to hardwood floors in high traffic areas but maintains the same cleaning capabilities. A durable, long-lasting choice in the flooring world, LVT can compete with any other surface type in a side-by-side comparison over time.


One of the best factors about LVT flooring is that compared to the real material, whether hardwood or stone tiles, often it is cheaper in terms of both material and labor for installation. LVT flooring is often connected and interlocking meaning there will be no noticeable seams or transitions, helping to maintain the open floor plan and flow of your home. 
The installation process doesn’t require any sanding, like hardwood floors, meaning you also will not get displaced while construction is taking place. Also indicating that an entire day or more of labor intensive installation associated with either the sanding for hardwoods or removal of another flooring type, can be averted by choosing an LVT floor.

If you’re at the point where flooring is an option, either in a remodel or new construction, then let us help with your decision. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the greater-Denver area for 15 years with a wide variety of available surfaces for view in our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what an LVT floor, countertop, backsplash, or any of our materials will look like inside your home or office. Our highly trained staff has been providing quality service and helping customers, completing installations, and even providing maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us today at 303-777-7485 or visit our showroom to take a look for yourself.