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Edge Styles for Your Denver Countertops

November 21, 2018

Whether completing new construction or remodeling, once you’ve decided upon which countertop surface best fits the need and design of your dream kitchen, there are still decisions to be made. One of the most important revolves around which style of edging you wish for your new countertops to possess.

From design styles with straight edges and lines, to safety concerns for children or pets, there is more to selecting an appropriate style than meets the eye. Depending on your countertop surface, some options fit better than others with the material chosen and what you choose can change the overall appearance of the countertops inside a kitchen or bathroom.

Following is a brief description of some available options from which to choose.


Countertop edge profiles differ dramatically and straight edges would be extremely dangerous. These eased edges create a gentle round while still providing the appearance of an inline design with a clean appearance.


These waterfall edge countertops continue the surface over the side and down which gives a relatively modern look. 


Three different bevel options each provide their own unique appearance and design which can affect countertop use - especially cleaning. Original bevel has a 45-degree angle from the surface and then drops whereas double bevel uses the angle at both the top and bottom of an edge. The bevel bullnose begins with the angle but is rounded at the bottom.


Bullnose is a rounded edge which many prefer when using granite countertops. This choice eliminates the sharp edges that may be created from utilizing other designs. Bullnose also has a variety of different options which combine the rounded style with a number of other options. Half bullnose is rounded off the top but flat on the bottom, step-half bullnose creates the clean line appearance with a drop off the top before a rounded edge for safety purposes, and dupont bullnose can be used for a classic, crown molding look.


Double radius, very similar to double bevel, is a less dramatic approach in terms of the angles utilized at both the top and bottom edge. This helps create less of a sharp look but assists in cleaning by providing a drop off from the flat top surface.


Both the classic and double ogee are designs which are typically utilized with a granite or quartz countertop surface. These eliminate the sharp edges and present a traditional look which incorporates into multiple kitchen design styles.

Triple Pencil

The triple pencil edge can be used on thicker countertop surfaces as it creates a stair-step type transition off the flat surface.

Once you’re ready to see available options for your new countertop edges or need help determining which is the best and most practical surface for your kitchen or bathroom, then let us assist today. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the Denver area for 15 years and offers an extensive variety of different countertop surfaces and flooring options available for inspection within our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what a specific countertop, backsplash, or any of our materials will look like inside your brand new kitchen - including flooring. Our professionally trained staff has been assisting customers with their decision making and providing quality service, installation, and maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us now at 303-777-7485 or visit our showroom to take a look for yourself.