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How to Keep Your Denver Hardwood Floors Beautiful

December 12, 2018

If you are updating the look of your home with Denver hardwood floors, you want to make sure to take care of them so they stay looking beautiful for years to come. Although hardwood floors are not high maintenance, there are certain things you’ll want to do—and to avoid—in order to keep the surfaces nice. 
As you get ready to put the floors in, you might be wondering if all your hardwood floors should match throughout your house. Houzz has some advice for you on this topic.
Let’s take a look at keeping those floors looking gorgeous.

Vacuum Every Week

You might think that because you aren’t dealing with carpet, vacuuming as frequently is necessary. This is not the case. Dust settles on a hardwood floor, and the fine grit is like sandpaper that will slowly but surely wear down your floor’s finish. Be sure to use the “floor” setting on your vacuum so you don’t scratch the surface of your hardwoods.
You can also use a mop especially designed for floors if you don’t want to drag out your vacuum cleaner every time. Swiffer has a line of great products that will dust your floors without damaging them.

Keep Floors Dry

Water that settles onto hardwood can ruin the floor’s finish, so be sure to close windows if rain is in the forecast. If you have any potted plants, make sure to put trays underneath them. If floors do get wet, wipe them up immediately.

Use Area Rugs Liberally

Constant walking across the hardwood surface can eventually wear down a floor’s finish, but you can help protect floors from this by using area rugs. Make sure you don’t use rugs that have vinyl or rubber backing as these materials can ruin a floor’s finish.
Try using an extra-long doormat in entryways so people walk off as much dirt from their shoes as possible before they hit your hardwoods. (You can also ask them to remove their shoes for even more protection for your floors.)

Use Furniture Pads

If you have kids, your furniture probably gets inadvertently bumped or moved, which can result in tiny scratches on your floors. Not only will furniture pads protect from inadvertent movement, but if you do want to move your furniture, the pads will make it much easier. Put the pads on the legs of all your couches, chairs, and tables to protect your hardwoods. 

Use Products Designed for Hardwoods

If you use the wrong product for cleaning your floors, you can strip the floor’s finish right off. A no-wax wood floor cleaner is best. You can also ask the pros at Natural Stone Sales what they recommend to customers who have hardwoods installed.

Contact Natural Stone Sales when you are ready to replace your flooring with beautiful Denver hardwood floors. For more than 30 years, our expert staff has been helping customers throughout the Denver area beautify their homes with our superior natural stone and hardwood services. We can handle any of your hardwood needs with some of the best products on the market. We would be thrilled to customize hardwood floors in your home.