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Denver Stone Accent Colors for Kitchen Islands

February 20, 2019

One of the biggest trends in modern kitchens involves the surface structure and color of an island. While open floor plans have long been considered one of the best options available for homeowners, the impact in a kitchen has only recently begun to grab traction. With cabinet space at a premium, the addition of a kitchen island not only provides additional space for seating, counter tops, and storage but does so without limiting the size of the overall kitchen.

Homeowners typically elect to go with a granite or other natural surface, many of which offer a variety of available colors, but a non-matching design trend is quickly becoming the norm for more modern looks. This different color can be achieved through an entirely different material but most choose to utilize a similar texture albeit with a totally different color.

Contrasting kitchen islands not only break up the uniformity of many traditional designs but also allow for a few unique concepts to be implemented.

An accent color adds a splash to the room and can be used anywhere throughout the home. This is especially true in the kitchen where an island countertop in accent to the remaining colors creates a unique look. 
Choosing the perfect accent color can be a difficult task but there are many proven suggestions from which to choose. These ideas can lend a helping hand when determining the appropriate color scheme for your home.

Opposite, a contrasting color may also add spirited detail to your kitchen. Colors that are opposite one another create a focal point and can give identity to a room. However, this type of design is bold and definitely not for the faint of heart when implementing this design technique.

Finally, a statement piece can be made with an entirely different selection for the island that is neither an accent or contrasting color. Instead, a homeowner may have a favorite color and choose to utilize this on the island or an entirely different surface type completely.

Often, a butcher block or built in cutting board may be added to create a statement piece or conversation starter within the kitchen island. Ultimately, it is the determination of the homeowner to select which works best for them as any and all situations are going to be different.

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