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Denver Stone Countertop Hazards to Watch

March 6, 2019

Converting your countertops into a natural stone selection will not only enhance the value of your kitchen but also create a more durable and sophisticated cooking and prep surface. The ability of stone to not harbor bacteria is also an innate factor which can be especially beneficial when working with and around food.

The different types of stone countertops available varies and depending on the price, look, and desired surface type is usually different for every individual. However, there are a few distinct characteristics of each specific type and most, especially granite, share a common consideration when dealing with these three factors occurring regularly inside every kitchen.


While stone countertops are extremely heat resistant, the sealants used to cover them can be affected by extended exposure to hot items. Although possible, it is not recommended that any pots and pans be moved directly from the stove or oven and placed on the countertops without the use of pot holders or trivets underneath.

Another reason involves the stones ability to absorb the heat without changing colors. Unlike your stove top which typically indicates a hot surface with lights or a change in color, the stone remains the same even when a hot pot has been removed. If exposed to the heat source for some time, the countertop could remain heated to the point of injuring someone who comes into contact with it.


Inside a kitchen or bathroom, spills are going to occur onto the natural stone surfaces and most can be quickly wiped up without leaving any signs of damage or stains. Chemical cleaning solutions can be hazardous to your surface, so special consideration must be given to the type of surface cleaners used when conducting routine maintenance or spill removal.

The Natural Stone Institute released a commercial care cleaning brochure to help owners understand the importance behind giving extra attention to your cleaning procedures and spill removal process.


The use of cutting boards is also a good practice when dealing with natural stone surfaces. While most countertops are durable and strong enough to withstand the edge of a knife blade, the reasoning revolves more around keeping your knife sharp and in good working order as opposed to the potential for countertop damage.

Natural stones can withstand the cutting of food but your blades will quickly dull and due to the hardness of the stone could be damaged. For extended use and food prep considerations, the use of a cutting board is helpful.

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