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Ways Limestone Can Be Used in Your Denver-area Home

May 15, 2019

At Natural Stone Sales, it’s always our goal to help Denver-area homeowners improve the look and functionality of their home —inside and out. And while we may specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels, and other interior projects with the use of a wide variety of materials, limestone is a fashionable, affordable and smart-looking material that can upgrade the look of 
your home, whether you’re building from scratch or remodeling. Whether you’re after a European sense of design, or simply want to incorporate your own style into your new home or remodeling project, Natural Stone Sales is greater-Denver’s go-to resource for high quality stone at affordable, competitive prices. 

Early in the home architectural design and brainstorming process construction process, consider how stately limestone columns can give your new home a regal look on balconies, or to provide structural integrity to your building, providing a classic European look that’s as good looking as it is functional. 

Custom-designed limestone door surrounds can help create a regal, yet warming ambiance that will impress anyone who walks through them —particularly if you’re entertaining for business. Limestone doorways aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they also create wonderful acoustics. 

Looking for interior flooring that will last a lifetime? Limestone flooring’s time-tested durability have make it one of the most popular types of natural stone flooring for newly-built homes in the greater Denver region. Limestones gives both owners and architects a variety of  option to choose from a number of different limestone colors, so the flooring can be used for things like living rooms, bathroom floors, hallways, bedrooms and more. Limestone floors are strong enough to withstand high foot-traffic areas for years on end, meaning you’ll never notice any signs of age. They can even be complimented with a wide variety of rug shapes and colors. 

Looking to utilize limestone in other applications? It’s a natural stone that’s also ideal for use in your bathroom or kitchen. Limestone countertops can be used to add character and easily maintained functionality, and best of all,  are easily maintained. Since there is a wide variety of patterns and colors limestone available when you work with Natural Stone Sales, you can match any interior design plan you want to implement, giving you complete control on how you want your home to look.

Whether you’re a an experienced home builder from Denver,  an expert limestone craftsmen from Aurora, or simply building your Colorado dream home, Natural Stone Sales can help you can have the home of your dreams. Style, sophistication, strength, and durability —limestone can offer you it all.