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How to Care for Your Granite Countertop

May 22, 2019

Once you’ve worked with the kitchen remodeling professionals at Natural Stone and decided which granite countertop is right for you, you’ll need to prioritize keeping it looking its best moving forward. After all, a fine-looking, expertly-installed granite countertop form Natural Stone Sales doesn’t just improve the look and value of your home —it will be a centerpiece with which you, your family, and your friends will interact with for decades to come.

The most important thing to remember when caring for your new granite countertop is to avoid harsh cleaning products. Read the instructions on any cleaning product before using it on your granite —or heed the cleaning guidelines provided to you by our countertop experts. Harsh cleaners do more than clean countertops —they, in a sense, over-clean them, and have the potential to remove protective sealants and coatings that are intended to preserve the life of your countertop. Always avoid utilizing strong, acidic cleaning agents. If the sealant or coating is removed from your new granite countertop, it will stain more easily and may even become susceptible to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. In addition to avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, you’ll also want to avoid using harsh cleaning tools, including scrubbing pads, steel wool or metal brushes when cleaning your countertops. 

While granite, stainless steel, lava rock and tile do better with the absorption of heat than other countertop materials, extremely hot cookware has the potential to cause cracking in even the toughest materials. With this in mind, try to protect your granite by letting pots cool on the stove or on your cooktop. With just a little bit of care when it comes to handling hot cookware, you can prevent damage to your countertops caused by heat.

THe professionals here at Natural Stone Sales will always take care to utilize properly seal Granite, sandstone, marble and slate countertops immediately upon installation. The sealer prevents stains from spills and water and can also help to prevent the buildup of potentially harmful bacterias. You’ll get the best durability from your countertops when they are properly sealed –be sure to ask your Natural Stone Sales representative if your particular piece of granite may require additional sealing down the road. After all —the idea is to keep your granite countertops looking their best for years and years to come. 

Looking to remodel your Denver-area kitchen counter, bathroom or floor with top-quality, expertly-installed granite? Contact the experts at Natural Stone Sales today!