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Veining? What to Know for Your Denver Natural Stone Countertops

June 5, 2019

One of the most common characteristics people look for when selecting a natural stone countertop revolves around the amount of veining available. A unique twist that naturally occurs to the rock when in nature can make your countertops the focal point and conversation piece of any kitchen - but, is this a good thing or a bad thing? 

Some people prefer a significant amount of veining throughout their surfaces while others want little or none at all. Both styles exist but when and where these intricacies occur on the slab is often left up to Mother Nature as opposed to being synthetically calculated and implied through human interference. Before making a final decision, consider each of the following veining details.

Geologists could go into the details of how minerals interact with rocks in order to form the veins that traverse a stone but that may take researching your countertops an entire step further. Ultimately, these interactions from the veins and they can result in a variety of different designs. Some will form diagonals, others somewhat straight lines, and even starburst type formations on the stone but clean, cut, sharp edges, and straight lines are seemingly non-existent.

There are two different categories of veins for homeowners to choose from when selecting a natural stone countertop. These options exist by the method from which the stone has been shaped and cut from the earth to form the desired slab. 

Vein cut stones tend to have lines that flow across the slab as when removed, the stone was cut in line with these formations. These are often the flowing designs seen across a countertop. Opposite, a cross cut stone is sliced perpendicular to the veining and results in a more condensed look without the long, flowing lines.

Color variations are also a difference between cross cut and vein cut slabs but ultimately the decision is one of preference for a homeowner. Depending on the color shade preference and whether or not the style prefered is of multiple, potential lines across the entire surface - then choosing a piece of granite for countertops can be summed up rather easily. Getting a first-hand look at the natural stone slab prior to installation is also important, in addition to how any piecing together may have to be incorporated into your particular kitchen.

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