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Denver Natural Stone Travertine Tile Floor Benefits

August 28, 2019

When considering flooring options for a home there are a number of different materials from which to choose. From carpeted coverings to hardwoods, laminate, and tile, the range of materials is wide reaching and many offer their own set of specific benefits. The ultimate decision is obviously up to the homeowner but considering the multiple advantages of tile, electing to go with a travertine option can have significant benefits. 

While there are a few differences in wall tile vs. floor tile, those who are open to any surface material shouldn’t be quick to write off the option of travertine. This floor covering may have more available options than any of the other counterparts and offers a variety of different advantages from which any homeowner will receive credit.

Electing to utilize travertine tile comes with each of the following benefits which can improve the quality of life within any given property. 


The ability of travertine tile to fill multiple needs allows for it to be one of the most reliable flooring surfaces available on the market. Not only can these tiles be placed in traditional locations, such as a kitchen or bathroom, but they have recently expanded their use to living rooms, hallways, and even bedrooms.

Unlike carpet, which is typically only relegated to common areas and smaller rooms, travertine tile can fit into virtually any situation.

Color Options

For both wall and floor tile, travertine has a variety of different color options available. Depending on where exactly a property owner hopes to install the new tile, exact colors shouldn’t be an issue. The availability of multiple hues allows for this particular tile to coincide with any constructed design scheme, no matter the need.


For tile, travertine is one of the softest available and can feel the best on either bare or sock feet within a home. Instead of being worried about how this tile may affect your flooring surface or inability to feel at home, rest easy knowing travertine has one of the best reputations for being an option that not only provides a legitimate surface material but one that can withstand everyday wear and tear while still being resilient and suitable for any family.

If you’re ready to add some travertine tiles within the flooring surfaces of your property or upgrading an existing space, then we’re here and ready to help move your project forward. Our specially trained experts can assist in helping you select the best design and all appropriate materials. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the greater-Denver area for 15 years with a wide variety of differing available options for view in our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what any tile will look like by itself or in combination with your current bathroom or kitchen design.Come look and feel for yourself the wide variety of tile options available to choose from and determine with will fit exactly as desired. Our highly trained staff has been providing quality service and helping customers, completing installations, and even providing maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us today at 303-777-7485 or visit the showroom and take a look for yourself.