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3 Popular Uses for Denver Slate Tile

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed into layers of volcanic ash and clay which makes it a durable, versatile, and an ideal material for home improvement projects. 

Here are a three ways to use Denver slate tile both inside and outside of your home:

Slate Tile Flooring

Slate is popular as a flooring choice for both inside and outside because of its durable nature. It’s commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces. Because it doesn’t stain easily and has a low absorption rate, it’s a good material to use in damp or wet areas. It also comes in many colors that makes it easy to match interior and exterior decoration styles. It can also withstand high foot traffic areas to make it a practical choice for any space in your home.

Slate Tile Walls

Using slate tile on walls inside bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor areas, and even fireplaces is a popular choice because it allows for a practical, yet stylish way to create unique designs. Kitchen backsplashes can be created to fit any modern, classic, rustic, or contemporary designs. In a bathroom, slate can be installed on the floor, shower, and walls to create a natural serene environment and can withstand the frequent water usage in the space.

Outdoor Living Areas

Amazingly, slate can withstand harsh Denver weather conditions which makes it ideal for patios, pools, and fire pits. You can create a visually pleasing yet natural looking outdoor living space with resilience and function.

With slate, durability meets aesthetic value and may be the ideal material for your home and outdoor living spaces. Give Natural Stone Sales a call to find out how Denver slate can benefit you and your lifestyle.