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Stacked Denver Natural Stone Enhancement Ideas

October 9, 2019

The opportunities for bringing outdoor landscaped ideas into the home are expanding as much as people are trying to move living rooms and kitchens outdoors. This blending of the two starkly different areas is making design concepts and interior decorating reach new heights. Helping to increase property values and extend the useful space for homeowners, each area holds its own importance. Almost rising in popularity on the same scale as open concepts, inventing different ways to associate a natural setting indoors is going to be commonplace very soon.

Stacked stone is one way that can be utilized to achieve both methods. Not only can this material be installed outdoors along foundations, around columns, or to add detail for outdoor living spaces but it can also be installed in the home as well. With multiple advantages to pushing stacked stone inside, along with the capabilities to connect both areas using the same style and color of stones, a popular trend is booming.

Accent Wall

Instead of using a different, bold paint color to create an accent wall within a given space, consider using stacked stone. Doing so will create a unique look available without having to worry about matching one particular color as stones can serve in a background role or be complementary
to many design styles.


The trend began with homeowners electing to paint their brick to create a different style look around fireplaces. Now, these people can take that a step further with the utilization of stacked stone. Not only does this make for an exquisite look, but it also can provide a cabin feel to any home where installed.

Natural Interior Setting

Matching stacked stone with outdoor area applications creates a connected environment. Design personnel are always intrigued by flow and floorplan - one reason the open concept has become so popular. Creating a similar method with stacked stone from an accent wall through a dining area and out onto a patio extends this concept outside the walls of a home. One of the biggest benefits, it can even make your home feel bigger, with the added outdoor entertainment spaces.

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