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Denver Home Uses for Travertine Tile

January 2, 2020

Many construction materials have a sole purpose to serve in a project. Hardwood floors are specifically for the surface areas, granite is typically reserved for countertops and bricks are utilized to construct a standing wall or barrier. Even if the latter is used inside, it's often in the same type of application, as an exposed interior wall. The range of uses for many items often doesn’t exceed their intended purpose.

This is not true of travertine tile. A unique material with extreme versatility, travertine can be used on anything from floors, walls, counters, to outside surface areas. A resilient and modern material with multiple color options available to fit a wide array of design styles, these tiles are often the answer homeowners are looking for when deciding exactly what is needed for a particular space. 

Inside the home, travertine tiles can be used in a number of different rooms. From the kitchen and bathroom to entrance areas or flooring, the possibilities are endless. In areas prone to water exposure, around sinks, these tiles can be used to create a unique backsplash design which can quickly become the centerpiece of a room.

As with any material, there are pros and cons of travertine flooring but the sheer flexibility of this material and ability to tie it into multiple areas throughout a home can be beneficial from a design perspective. With open floor plans becoming the norm in modern construction, finding a way to connect different spaces can be difficult but these tiles provide an effective solution. 

The walls of a home aren’t enough to keep travertine from escaping as there are multiple uses for this material outside as well. One is to create a pool deck that is protective and provides a non-slip style of surface. Just as the same materials protect your walls above sinks within a home, the outdoor tiles can help connect the home’s exit to the pool area, providing a durable and long lasting surface able to withstand the elements.

In addition, for those wishing to make a splash from their entranceway. Using tile pavers as an alternative to concrete or asphalt as a driveway also has advantages. Instead of having to worry about cracking with the constant freezing and thawing, tiles can be easily replaced and are one of the best suited materials for dealing with cold weather.

Using travertine tile as a casing for a fireplace is something that can be utilized both inside or outside the home. As a design component inside and a simple solution for an outdoor fire pit outdoors, the flexibility of this material is excellent.

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