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Denver Natural Stone: Top Residential Uses for Limestone

January 8, 2020

The ability to incorporate natural materials into home design has been growing in popularity for quite some time. While these offerings have long been among the choices for different areas within a home, it was not until open concepts and more rustic design characteristics rose in popularity that natural stone surfaces saw their just due. From an initial installation as countertops, these surface options are now expanding their use throughout households across the country.

No matter your personal preference on current interior design styles, from minimalist to modern, traditional and everything in between - incorporating a natural stone look into some aspect of your home can reap rewarding benefits. The look not only helps to incorporate the exterior and interior dynamics of a home but it also can lead to some unique styles and characteristics for almost any property.

With positive impacts both inside and out, limestone is a material often not given much consideration but one that can significantly enhance the style of your residence.


Some of the best ways to utilize limestone in the design of your home involve bathrooms but other options also exist. From incorporating limestone to give your master bath a personal spa feeling either as a vanity countertop or shower wall, the versatility of this material in such a space is wide ranging.

Given the durability and clean appearance of limestone, the options for use within a bathroom - master or otherwise - are seemingly endless. To upgrade your existing surfaces to a more modern feel, consider giving limestone a try.


There are also multiple ways to use limestone outside the home. As an all-natural option, the ability to withstand the elements comes with ease as limestone serves to enhance the exterior of your property as well. Able to be used as both a functional and aesthetically pleasing option on the outside, there are two main features for this material in high traffic areas.

An excellent option as either a walkway ground cover or driveway material, the natural components of limestone make it a durable yet resilient product. Able to withstand the temperature fluctuations throughout varying seasons in the area while maintaining its current form - limestone is extremely resilient to cracking and breaking. In addition, the availability of acquiring limestone either in a natural state, crushed form, or brick composite also expands the availability of exactly which material you wish to incorporate within your outdoor landscape.

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