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Denver Granite Countertop Hazards and Things To Avoid

February 19, 2020

Kitchen countertops can be a serious investment for homeowners but do qualify as one of the best methods for upgrading existing spaces. If you’re tired of old, dingy surfaces and aren’t looking for a complete remodel, then switching out your existing countertop surfaces for a new granite or other natural stone selection is one of the best decisions you could make. Not only will this upgrade immediately change the overall look and feel of your kitchen but it can also increase your property value considerably.

The way a kitchen renovation affects value is positive on many different fronts. Not only can the changes improve your own personal feelings about the kitchen, along with functionality but the end result can also increase money in your pocket in the event of any future sale. While replacing your kitchen countertops may be for personal preference, choosing granite - a long lasting material with multiple benefits - can still generate increased property value down the line. However, there are a few hazards to avoid on your brand new surface.

As with any other material, spills should be given immediate attention for cleaning. While the chances of any staining are minimal, quickly addressing messes can help to preserve the look of your granite surfaces forever - especially on lighter colored options.

Hot Pots and Pans
Placing hot items on granite is a debatable issue with pros and cons for both arguments. One of the top buyers questions about countertops, while granite can withstand the heat in its natural state, the sealant may become damaged if this action is repeated. To be safe, a trivett or pot holder is still recommended.

The use of knives directly on the granite should not damage your surface but can be bad for the knife itself. In order to keep your utensils in top shape, the use of a cutting board or something else to keep from direct use on the stone surface is suggested.

Raw Meat
When performing meal prep, taking precautionary steps to keep any raw meat from coming in contact with the surface is a health conscious consideration. While the countertop may be sterile, avoiding the possibilities of any cross-contamination or potential for bacteria to spread is a good move for every homeowner. Instead, use of some type of paper or plastic covering to serve as a barrier is a wise move.

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