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Denver Natural Stone: Bathroom Upgrade Options

March 11, 2020

One of the best improvements homeowners can make is to upgrade their existing bathroom. Not only can they then receive the benefits from an updated space but in the event a property is ever sold, these new features can also make for a positive return on the investment. One of the few rooms in a home that receives daily use, creating a space all your own can have significant benefits, including more storage space, updated features and fixtures, or even new showers and tubs depending on the size of your remodel.

No matter your current situation, there are multiple bathroom ideas for any size room. From master suites to guest half bathrooms, choosing to upgrade will be one of the best decisions you’ve made. Depending on your budget, there are even options for making minor changes which can have lasting benefits. Consider each of the following either in combination or as a stand alone project to enhance your bathroom(s) today. 


Electing to upgrade existing countertop surfaces to a natural stone selection can not only change the look of your bathroom but enhance the functionality of your space as well. Natural stone surfaces come in multiple colors and make for an extremely durable option as a new countertop.


Choosing from the top bathroom flooring options often comes down to personal preference and examining the pros and cons of each candidate. Once decided, switching out the current flooring and upgrading with a new material will provide an immediate boost to your space.


If your bathroom remodel includes a new tub or shower installation, then there are numerous items to consider. From a walk-in, shower only option to a tub/shower combination, the benefits of having one or the other often depends on availability in other areas of the home. Whatever the decision, replacing these items requires significantly more work and likely professional assistance.


On the other hand, even changing a few minor accents can give your bathroom an entirely new look. Consider adding these accent pieces with tile mosaics or a hint of color with a new backsplash to increase the intricate details of your room.

If ready to upgrade on your existing materials or create a new look entirely in your bathroom, then we’re here and ready to help move your remodeling project forward. Our specially trained experts can assist in helping you select the best design and all appropriate materials. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the greater-Denver area for 15 years with a wide variety of differing available options for view in our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what any tile will look like by itself or in combination with your current bathroom or kitchen design.Come look and feel for yourself the wide variety of tile options available to choose from and determine with will fit exactly as desired. Our highly trained staff has been providing quality service and helping customers, completing installations, and even providing maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us today at 303-777-7485 or visit the showroom and take a look for yourself.