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Denver Natural Stone: Granite Countertop Color Options

August 6, 2020

Two colors make up a majority of your kitchen color scheme and typically neither of these has anything to do with the wall paint color. Depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, most design ideas are oriented around cabinet and countertop hues. These two surface areas tend to receive the most exposure and therefore are the common thread with which many homeowners elect to design the remainder of their space around.

From dark to light and everything in between, granite colors offer individuals one of the most versatile pallets of any countertop material. Able to match the desired look of any consumer, there is a granite countertop available for everyone and even some that will have people changing their minds as they peruse the abundance of available options. 

Base Color

Most granite color schemes revolve around either a white or black base color. While there are multiple variances to these, including a combination of the two together, even off color granite tends to have one of these two base colors involved. Depending on your personal preference, choosing which end of the spectrum on which to start can help to lead homeowners in a desired direction.

Color Variance

Once a base option is determined as a starting point, individuals can divulge into any area of the color wheel. Granite often has availability in an abundance of colors and the natural look of each stone can give every piece a unique look that will be unique to your home and never replicated. While there may be pieces which are similar in nature, the formation of each rock creates an individual look specific to every stone.


Also a matter of personal preference, some individuals love the natural look and randomness of veining while others prefer a more uniform approach. Depending on your style, both are available within granite and the abundance of color options available.


Granite continues to be one of the most sought after materials for kitchen countertop styles and trends. A natural force in the interior design market, natural stone on countertops is quickly evolving into the equivalent of hardwood floors. Transcending other design ideas which come and go, the benefits and availability of colors make granite and natural stone countertops one of the best options currently available.

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