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Denver Natural Stone: Marble Countertop Benefits

August 26, 2020

Selecting a countertop material can be a difficult task with so many different options from which to choose. Each is obviously going to have various pros and cons but the sheer elegance of natural stone tends to be a favorite among homeowners. Rising in popularity for new construction projects and as many individuals elect to upgrade their own kitchens from laminate materials, it appears that their dominance in this market is here to stay.

Marble is just one natural stone product which is outfitted with multiple positive characteristics. When deciding on the exact material for kitchen or bathroom countertops, people tend to focus on color options and resistance to stains or markings as the surfaces age. Fortunately, marble checks each of these boxes and then some!    

A unique material, marble was once thought to only be affordable for those with extreme wealth. However, new price points have made marble available to fit any budget so that everyone can experience having a unique natural stone atop their counters in any room.

An extremely durable stone, marble is resistant to scratches and won’t show wear with its age. No matter the amount of use your countertops receive, marble can put any consumer at rest with its extremely tough reputation and response to consistent use.

A naturally cool stone, using marble for baking is recommended to keep dough and other materials from sticking to your counters. In addition, marble is also heat resistant although pot holders or trivets should be used for extremely hot objects.

Marble is easier to cut and coordinate than many other natural stone options. For this reason, it is able to be used for unique design shapes other than traditional square and rectangular pieces.

A timeless selection, marble has been used for many years and appears poised to be one of the front-runners for homeowners well into the future. Not only are you protecting your investment with a marble countertop but you could also be raising the value of a property in the event it is ever sold.

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