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Subtle or Statement? Our Quick Guide to Denver Glass Tile Backsplashes

There are many choices when it comes to kitchen backsplashes – from traditional ceramic tile to marble or granite. However, a glass tile backsplash can be a beautiful and inexpensive alternative while becoming increasingly popular for homeowners. It’s also a material that’s easy to clean – no need to get a special cleaner or brush to remove dirt and stains.  

As you’re planning for your kitchen update, renovation, or build, it’s important to determine the scope of the project. Find out how much tile you will need as well as the style, color, and pattern. The amount of wall you’re going to cover will tell you the amount of glass tile that you’ll need. Maybe you want to cover the entire wall above your counters, or just a portion of the wall. Either way, make a point to mark off the surface area that you would like to cover and measure the square footage.

Now that you’ve figured this out, it’s time to find out what style you want to use. There are plenty of styles which makes it easy to personalize your kitchen – clear, shiny, sparkling, textured, colored, and frosted are just a few of the different choices.  When making your decision, take into account the rest of your kitchen and its style.

If you want to center colors and styles for your kitchen remodel around your backsplash, then the possibilities are endless. However, if you’re trying to match the backsplash to decisions already made in your kitchen, such as granite, coordinate the colors accordingly so one doesn’t overpower the other. Some homeowners opt for a more understated backsplash designs like Natural Stone Sale’s Cane Series, where as some go with bolder designs that cover entire walls and is the focal point of the room.

 Need help deciding if glass tile is right for your kitchen? Contact your Denver glass tile experts, Natural Stone Sales – we are happy to help!