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Denver Engineered Hardwood: A Classic Alternative

January 20, 2021

Flooring is a critical component of any home. From its obvious structural purpose to the design components, having a solid option can go a long way in determining the overall value of your property. A rise in open floor plan designs only highlighted this fact as having an option that could transition smoothly from one area of the home to the next became increasingly important. With living spaces connected to kitchens, hallways leading into great rooms, and a lack of viable options in studio apartments, finding a solution which met a long list of demands was difficult. Enter engineered hardwood flooring. Hardwoods have long been a timeless flooring option, but have recently enjoyed a rejuvenation in interior design. With its classic look and ability to blend in among any design concept, this flooring look is a must for many homeowners.

Engineered hardwood flooring maintains many characteristics similar to solid hardwoods, but is constructed a bit differently. Instead of being a literal piece of solid wood, the planks used consist of multiple layers fused together. The end result is typically easier to install and a great option for individuals who may have budget constraints. 


The look of engineered hardwood flooring is very similar to all other solid options. While the boards used may be somewhat smaller in size, most people cannot easily identify the differences without a close inspection. Available in the same variety of finishes as solid woods, these engineered floors create a near identical look wherever they are installed.


A difference does exist in the lifespan of solid hardwoods versus engineered, but depending on your home it likely won’t have much of an impact on your decision. Solid options may last up to 100 years or more with proper care, sanding, and refinishing but the design of engineered woods doesn’t guarantee a century of serviceability. However, most engineered hardwoods can be sanded and refinished once meaning their lifespan is usually somewhere between 25-30 years or more - still providing a solid return on your investment and a long-term option.


The upkeep of both materials also remains similar. Regular cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, and an occasional mop will keep both options looking great.

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