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Denver Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2021

January 27, 2021

Hardwood flooring is a timeless surface option and one many homeowners turn to when looking to replace their existing carpet, vinyl, or any other material throughout a residence. Not only can hardwoods enhance property value, but they also feature one of the easiest surfaces to keep clean and most resilient options available on the market today. Throughout time, hardwood floors have been a featured construction material for contractors and despite a short-lived trend to once cover them with carpet, the past few decades have seen a resurgence in letting their natural beauty be on full display.

Advances in technology and construction have led to an availability for different types of hardwood flooring, each featuring their own set of benefits and potential uses. These changes have also led to an array of color options and man-made textures not always available to property owners. As these improvements continue, there are an array of decisions for those who choose to install hardwoods today.


Two prominent colors are rising in demand for hardwood flooring - grey and dark tones. Contrasting one another, both give homeowners an available option at either end of the color spectrum once dominated by only brown hues. Grey began its ascension to popularity as a wall paint color and kitchen renovations but has now poured over into flooring surface materials. Likewise, darker colors tend to mask any imperfections and give individuals a solid base for their interior design imagination.


Wirebrushed and distressed finishes have been popular for some time on furniture and the same is now true of hardwood floors. Achieving this look gives your flooring its own sense of character as it quickly becomes a focal point, setting the space apart from other areas in a home.


Other popular trends include mixing board colors to create a surface unique solely to your property, using wider boards, or implementing a chevron flooring pattern. Each of these further expands the number of options available to people choosing to install hardwood floors. Given their durability and easy maintenance, expect hardwoods to remain a staple in the flooring market as subtle changes continue to arise for updated uses.

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