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Denver Kitchen Backsplash Tile Patterns

March 17, 2021

Depending on the scope of your project, remodeling a kitchen can be a major undertaking for any individual. Not only will you likely have to do without its functionality for part of the process, making it without a sink, refrigerator, etc. for any amount of time can be a bothersome situation. Unfortunately, this is typically part of the process during a full undertaking although there are often ways to move a fridge to the garage or elsewhere in order to protect food and keep some items handy. However, there are also ways to spruce up your existing space without tackling the entire room top to bottom.

Switching up countertops, the backsplash, or both are easy ways to give your kitchen a brand new look and feel. If you’re not going to redesign the layout, then this option presents a way to achieve a brand new style without having to give up your appliances or sink usage. In addition, most kitchens installations for these two items can typically be completed within a day or two. With a variety of kitchen backsplash ideas available, there are certain patterns which have become extremely popular over time.


Generating its name from the familiar brick layout of many homes, this kitchen backsplash tile pattern became a leading trend with the subway tiles. With split layers installed at midpoint intersections of the preceding row, the familiarity of this design makes for a common pattern in many kitchens.

Stacked (Horizontal/Vertical)

Instead of offsetting the installation, some homeowners may choose to simply stack their tiles evenly on top of one another or side by side. With two different patterns available - horizontal or vertical - the stacked option provides a more clean cut look than traditional brick.


Another pattern which has been rising in popularity is a diagonal design. Depending on color options and tile pattern, this method can create a unique look which is altogether different from the preceding two options even though the same materials may be used.

Herringbone and Chevron

In close relation to a diagonal pattern but typically using smaller glass tile pieces, both the herringbone and chevron options have become popular in modern kitchen designs. These two methods may look the same upon initial inspection but there is a slight difference between them. Chevron pieces meet cohesively together end-to-end to create either vertical or horizontal “V” patterns whereas the herringbone style is “broken” with the pieces slightly overlapping. 

If ready to upgrade your existing backsplash or create a new look entirely for the kitchen, then we’re here and ready to help move your remodeling project forward. Our specially trained experts can assist in helping you select the best design and all appropriate materials. Natural Stone Sales has been serving the greater-Denver area for 15 years with a wide variety of differing available options for view in our showroom to help you get a better understanding of what any tile will look like by itself or in combination with your current bathroom or kitchen design.

Come look and feel for yourself the wide variety of tile options available to choose from and determine with will fit exactly as desired. Our highly trained staff has been providing quality service and helping customers, completing installations, and even providing maintenance tips for many, many years. Contact us today at 303-777-7485 or visit the showroom and take a look for yourself.