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3 Tips for Installing Limestone Tile in Your Denver Remodel

Limestone is a versatile natural-stone solution that can be placed on floor, walls, or used for decoration. Many qualities in limestone make it appealing to homeowners, and its classic aesthetic is a perfect alternative to more standard choices for many different atmospheres. It’s a beautiful choice for any home, but there are a few things you must keep in mind before selecting your stone:
  1. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is mainly Calcite and is formed through the crystallization of water or the accumulation of shell fragments. It comes in a variety of colors based on its impurities. Because of its porous nature, it’s important to know if limestone is right for your particular home improvement project based on your needs and habits.
  2. Limestone is widely used in architectural applications for walls, floors, decorative trim, and veneer. If exposed to the elements, weathering may have a degrading effect on the appearance and structural soundness of limestone. Although extremely durable, it absorbs water that can cause deterioration. It’s important to make sure that it’s sealed properly to ensure stains and acidity don’t damage the stone.
  3. Limestone can suit any room and bring a warm earthy, rustic feel to it. Harder stones can be used in the kitchen while softer stones can be used in the bathroom and around fireplaces. Limestone is a great economical choice for flooring, but you will have to seal it periodically for the best results. It’s better if it’s put in less high traffic areas to avoid chipping and breakage.
Considering using Denver limestone for your next home project? Give Natural Stone Sales a call, we can help you decide whether limestone is right for you and your home. Be sure to browse your options and review other materials at your disposal like the benefits of porcelain for your next renovation.