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3 Benefits of Pre-Fabricated Marble and Granite Countertops Denver Can Rely On

Pre-fabricated marble or granite countertops are a cost effective way to revamp your existing or new kitchen and bathroom. Unlike custom slabs that have to be customized on site, pre-fabricated marble or granite countertops Denver can truly rely on are cut into standard countertop sizes that have edges finished in the factory. This process saves money and time – it can actually cut the installation time and costs in half!  Here are three other great benefits that pre-fabricated marble and granite countertops can bring to your remodel:
  1. Less waste: When countertops are pre-fabricated, they are cut from large full-size slabs. This means that they are pre-cut to fit standard base cabinets and just need to be cut to length which cuts costs in material that needs to be purchased.
  2. Reduced Finishing Costs: Custom granite and marble slabs need to be cut to size and the edges also need to be finished by a fabricator. Pre-fabricated countertops are already pre-finished with a bull-nosed or flat eased edges. This means that the costs are for the most part limited to cutting them to size and for cutouts for stove tops, sinks, and other additional breaks in the countertop material.
  3. Bulk Materials: Pre-fabricated countertops are bought in larger quantities than granite slabs. The supplier pays less and so does the consumer. They are also easier to handle so the installation process isn’t as laborious.
Choosing pre-fabricated slabs is a less expensive option for countertops - but with all the same quality and beauty that comes with custom slabs.   Natural Stone Sales prides themselves on having a large selection of Denver pre-fabricated slabs that will fit any design or taste. Give us a call today to come look at some of our options in our showroom or learn more about your options like the benefits of using granite countertops in your home.