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How Molding and Trim Can Enhance Your Space

An easy way to revamp your space and add some custom touches when looking to remodel your space is incorporating molding and trim to your home. Many different styles exist and creating the look you desire is quick and simple. You can add character, depth, and even appear to increase the size of rooms by adding a small trim to either ceilings or floors. Here are three ways you could incorporate molding into your next home renovation project:
  1. Floors: Especially with hardwood floors, baseboards can really create a stand out effect in your home. Rooms can appear to be polished and tidy with this simple addition. It adds a detail that can create a grounding for the space and make it appear larger as well.
  2. Ceilings: Near the ceiling trim is typically called crown molding as it is fitted at the top of the walls. These can vary in size from slim to wide and actually make the ceiling appear higher, creating the illusion of more space.
  3. Doors: Around the openings of doors, this type of trim is called casing. Normally it will wrap around the outside edges as well as the inside frame itself. This can act as a protective barrier surrounding your door and can make it easy to clean as well. The difference in texture and color also draws the eye to the area and provides depth.
Molding and trim are a simple addition and can add dramatic effects to your home’s aesthetic. Consider the areas that could provide the greatest impact for your space. For help and more advice, contact Natural Stone Sales. Stop by our showroom to view our full selection or learn more about how to incorporate new elements to your home like the types of granite countertops Denver homeowners love.