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Using Travertine in Denver Homes

The same stone used in the Colosseum in Rome can also be used to update your Colorado home. When it comes time to remodel one room or the whole house, using Travertine in Denver has been gaining in popularity over the past few years and it isn’t difficult to see why. A luxurious, natural stone formed by mineral deposits instead of the more traditional igneous and metamorphic rocks, Travertine has the advantages of being resilient, attractive, and able to vibrantly endure its beauty for years after installation. If you’re looking to use this high-quality, luxury stone in your home, here are a few ideas of where and how you can use Travertine:
  • The Kitchen – Travertine is most commonly used as floor tile, but there are no rules against using this stunning and widely versatile stone for your countertops as well. The elegance of the veining and soft texture of Travertine is perfect for fostering a classic style while maintaining a modern, rustic look throughout your kitchen. Whether you use Travertine as your countertops, flooring, or both, there are no shortage of colors, patterns, sizes, and types to choose from. Check out our wide variety of styles here.
  • The Bathroom – This is, perhaps, the most aesthetically pleasing and practical room in a Denver home for which to use Travertine. The muted, soft colors and veining make it the premier stone for turning your restroom into a gorgeous addition, instead of a necessary space typically lacking in style and class. Travertine can be used as any surface within your bathroom. While tiling the walls, floor, or sink countertop are appealing options, the go-to for Travertine in the lavatory is lining a shower wall and floor. This is because the brushed and scored edges give it a natural non-slip surface. 
  • Outdoors – Using Travertine in the outdoor living area of your home is a way to introduce something new and different to this space, but also still keep a changing palette with the seasonal differences in Colorado. The soft, earth tone colors blend well with the mountain views and greens of the summer, while the autumn foliage casts a contrast of vibrant colors during the fall months. Using the light browns and beiges of Travertine on your back deck, patio, or pool area will be an inviting and welcoming site to all the friends and neighbors you enjoy spending quality time with.
Travertine has been making waves and gaining in popularity over the past few years. The quality of the stone, along with the huge variety of types, styles, colors, veining, and uses has made it unique among other luxury stone being used in Colorado homes today. No matter where and how you choose to use this astonishing stone in your home, you’ll have found a visually gripping way to garner attention and raise your property value. No home renovation in the Denver area should be complete without first considering the endless possibilities of Travertine.