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Marble Trends Denver Homeowner's Love

Using marble in your Denver home is the pinnacle of class and sophistication. Like other fashion trends, home décor has its own and ebb and flow of different styles and materials. Marble is the one stone universally sought after for its quality, and always the premier material for builders and artists alike. The common misconception is marble is only used in massive foyers and grand halls, and ridiculous sculptures you could never actually fit in your home. This is not the case at all.  And, though it has waned in popularity over the past few years, marble has been making a strong comeback in the interior design in Denver homes recently.
  • Columns Delineate Space – One of the more common trends lately is the open-concept living. Whether you live in a large single-family home or a small apartment, open-concept living opens up your space to free the environment. No matter your floor layout, you’ll need to delineate the space so as to look organized. Marble columns are ideal for this. They don’t have to be out of some Italian Renaissance museum, but columns without many decorative adornments and with straight edges separate spaces while allowing the eye to float seamlessly around the room.
  • Marble Furniture – An excellent and unconventional use of marble with paired with the correct pieces. It will, quite literally, last you a lifetime by withstanding a considerable amount of wear and tear and still look gorgeous. The only downside is the weight of marble furniture, so be sure to take accurate measurements of the room you want to use. You also aren’t limited to muted tones; a marble tabletop in any living space could add a burst of color and become a focal point. Replacing the wooden island in your kitchen with marble can make the transition from stove to dining area an elegant one.
  • Marble in Your Walls or Floors – You don’t want to do BOTH walls and floors in marble. This is how the space ends up looking bland and cold. Choosing one gives you option to tie in a classical feel with modern materials. Adding marble to the backsplash in your kitchen is an ideal use of such a beautiful stone, and can be used as a substitute for traditional wainscoting in your dining room. A marble chair rail, encircling the room, is an excellent way to add just a touch of refinement.             
  • Marble Accessories – Having marble in your home doesn’t have to be laid over the walls or floor. There are subtle aspects you can use in the recent resurgence in marble’s popularity without digging up your floors or tearing down your walls. Small pieces allow you to try out new trends and styles before making a large commitment. They are also perfect for small spaces like apartments and personal offices. If you focus on adding small marble pieces – such as lamps or candle holders or even small accents to a bathroom – you can view the material to see if you want to go bigger.
Thinking about adding marble to your home? Make sure to contact Natural Stone Sales to see the great selection of marble we have to offer!