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Reasons to Use Denver Slate Flooring in Your Home

The use of Slate in Denver homes has seen its popularity grow recently. Quarried and then broken into slabs, slate has beautiful designs, vibrant colors, and a huge selection that make it the go-to stone for many Colorado families. Whether you use slate flooring in your kitchen, patio, pool area, or other hardscapes, you won’t be disappointed in your decision. Here at Natural Stone Sales, we have come up with the three most compelling reasons to make the slate your choice for your next home flooring project.

  • How it Looks: Slate tile flooring has a unique, beautiful appearance no matter where, or how, you use it. Because it is a naturally occurring stone, the variety in appearance and texture lends to a multitude of different design characteristics and options for every style. The range of colors can go from solid black to a mixture of bright colors like purple, red, gold, and blue. The uneven surfaces of this roughly hewn stone offer a rustic, yet contemporary look. There are several different selections of slate to compliment any color palette for a bold statement in your home.

  • Versatility: Slate doesn’t come in just one style. Formed all over the world, slate is not a uniform or standard flooring material. Minerals including calcite, feldspar, hematite, kaolinite, mica, muscovite, quartz, and many others in different and varying amounts. Slate flooring come in a number of different classifications including honed or unhoned, gauged or ungauged, cleft or uncleft, and there is also a Thin Slate option depending on your personal style and use of space. Cleft is whether the surface of the slate tile is in its uneven, natural state. Gauged refers to the back of the slate tile and whether it has been left in its natural state or ground flat for more uniform installation. Lastly, hones slate tile has had its surface ground down flat from its naturally textured form. This is for those who wish for the colors of their tiles to be toned down and the surfaces of their floors smooth.

  • Strong and Dependable: One of the reasons slate is such a wonderful natural stone for flooring in your home, is due to its hardness and ability to stand up to repeated use. This means it is one of the premier stones for high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, walkways, and other pathways both inside and outside of the home. Less expensive than luxury stones like marble or granite, slate provides the same strength and durability to last a lifetime and then some. Their resistance to scratching and scraping is also unparalleled in the world of natural stone flooring, making it ideal for the home with pets. Being water resistant, slate is also the perfect stone for basements, bathrooms, pools, and other areas where other forms of flooring would be impractical.


Natural Stone Sales has a large selection of slate tiles to choose from. Call us today or stop by our showroom to see what we have to offer!