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6 Interesting Ways to Use Granite in Denver Outside of the Kitchen

Granite kitchen countertops are ubiquitous—and with good reason. Granite has become a standard in kitchen design as both a beautiful and durable countertop material that can hold up to all the action. But granite doesn’t stop with the kitchen. As home design evolves, people are finding new and unique ways to incorporate touches of natural stone throughout the house. Here are some ways to use granite outside of the kitchen, whether you’re doing a full home remodel or just a room redesign:

Fireplace mantel – Stucco, brick, wood, and other fireplace materials are fine, but what about a granite mantel? As the centerpiece of a living room or family room, your fireplace can stand out that much more with the warmth and visual interest of granite. Make the granite the showpiece of your fireplace, or set photos, mementos, and art atop it as you would any other material.

Tabletop or desktop – A dining room table becomes more than just a place to eat when topped with granite, bringing an elegant, artistic feel to all your dinner parties. Side tables, night stands, and occasional tables can also benefit from the same treatment with smaller, custom-cut pieces. And if you spend a lot of time in your home office, how about livening up your desktop with granite as well?

Bathroom vanity – Sealed and polished granite is a great choice for a bathroom vanity—whether it’s used on a grand scale in a master bathroom or in a small guest powder room off the hall. Even better, granite is resistant to germs and bacteria, which makes it a family-friendly choice in stone.

Family room bar – Got a family room or rec room in the basement that you’d love to use more? Consider making it an entertainment hub by installing a bar with a granite countertop. Just as durable as when used in the kitchen, your granite bar top can serve as a buffet for food or a place to serve drinks, and spills wipe up easily.

Laundry room counter – More than just a place to wash your clothes these days, laundry rooms also serve as mud rooms, coat rooms, entrance points, and even craft centers. A granite counter in this room becomes a place to fold clothes, house your kids’ science projects, wash off the dog, or simply unload whatever is in your hands. No matter how you use it, the granite is sturdy enough to take it.

Outdoor décor – A covered outdoor kitchen or barbecue is just one area where you can install a handy granite counter or prep station, but think about using a granite tabletop outdoors, too. Sealed properly, granite can endure a touch of Mother Nature provided you care for it as you would your indoor granite, and shelter it from the worst of the elements.

If you’re looking for Denver granite to add to your home, consider Natural Stone Sales. Locally owned and operated, we have a quality selection of granite and other natural stone materials. Stop by our showroom today or call for more information: 303-777-7485.