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Selecting Paint Color to Complement Your Denver Slate Floors

Slate tile is renowned for its earthy color variations. But this can also be a conundrum when it comes to deciding what paint color to use on the walls. What will work best when there’s already so much color interest underfoot? Keep in mind one basic rule of thumb: if you can figure out the overall background tone in the slate (is it cool or is it warm? is it brown, blue, green, copper, or something else?), then you can decide if you want the wall color to contrast with that tone or to blend with it. Let’s dive into some ideas to help you better decide on a wall color with slate flooring: 

Seek high contrast – If your slate floors are in the darker color family, such as gray or black, think about creating contrast by using shades of crisp, bright white or off-white paint on the walls. It will also bring out white grout and any white flecks or swirls that are sometimes apparent in slate tile. Also, white paint will lighten up the room and balance any heaviness from the darker colors on the floor.

Go for tone-on-tone – Using the blending trick, pick something that’s in the same color family as the slate. For example, if your slate tile is beige with orange or yellow patterns, choose a similar beige or even a tan wall color that’s a shade or two lighter or darker than the tile to create a warm, tone-on-tone feel in the room.

Cool it down with blue – Slate floors with cooler tones, such as grays and gray-blues, go beautifully with a blue wall color. Think ice blue or misty blue to create a feeling of tranquility. But avoid using bright blues—like turquoise or cobalt—as they’ll feel too intense next to the winteriness of the slate. Try painting the ceiling in the same blue paint you select for the walls to complete the cohesive look.

Bring in a touch of nature – One of the best color combinations to use with slate are tones of green—the ultimate color of nature. Sage green or other gray-greens combined with the color variations in slate can give you the feel of living in a soothing outdoor sanctuary. However, it’s best to stay away from dense, dark greens—like moss green—as it can have the opposite effect by making the room feel heavy and muddy.

Don’t forget trims and moldings – In addition to the wall color, the color of trims or moldings can also have a dynamic affect. Pick a dominant color in the slate to paint on your walls, and then use a darker version of that color to paint on your crown moldings and door trims. The overall look creates visual interest while still feeling harmonious.

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