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Exterior Uses of Limestone in Denver

January 28, 2016

Limestone is one of the most unique natural stones you can use in your home. But it’s also a great addition to your outdoor spaces and even your home’s exterior. In fact, according to PBS’s Wonders of the World, limestone was used on the exterior of the Empire State Building. 

Although limestone is porous and should be sealed to prevent moisture and acid damage, we’re lucky to live in a drier climate so excessive moisture on our exteriors is not as much of a problem as in other parts of the country. Just make sure to use a limestone rated for outdoor use (usually Type III by rating organization ASTM International) and take the necessary steps to properly care for and clean your limestone outdoors just as you would indoors.  

If you’re considering a renovation of your home’s exterior or outdoor spaces, here are some ideas for how you can incorporate limestone:
  • Outdoor fireplace – As with an indoor fireplace, limestone tile can be used on the face, hearth, or mantel of an outdoor fireplace, lending both texture and beauty to your gathering place.
  • Columns – If you have a covered patio or terrace with square-sided columns that support the roof, consider wrapping the columns in limestone. As an added bonus, the vertical orientation of a column means that rain and other moisture can run off more easily, so moisture damage is less of a concern.
  • Patio – While we’re at it, you can use limestone for the patio or terrace as well, along with limestone-tiled steps leading to a front or back door.
  • Footpath or walkway – Use limestone to form a path or walkway. While irregular-shaped pieces of limestone will create a more informal look, square- or rectangular-shaped slabs will evoke a cleaner and more formal feel. As well, limestone rated for outdoor use should stand up well to the weather and high traffic.
  • Landscaping walls and seating – There are a few more ways to incorporate limestone into hardscapes and landscaping. Think about using it on a low garden wall that lines both sides of a path, or on retaining walls around flower beds or raised areas of your yard. You can even use it for seats or benches that are carved into your retaining walls.
  • Water feature – A reflecting pool takes on a sleek, contemporary look when it’s tiled in limestone. And you can also use it around fountains or other water features.
  • Door surround – Polished limestone looks beautiful when used as a door surround for the front entrance of your home, giving it a stately, French-Manor air.
  • Exterior feature wall – If you’re not feeling ambitious enough to use limestone on all the exterior walls of your home, try tiling just one exterior wall in limestone to create a feature or accent wall.
For even more ideas, check out this list of ways to use limestone in your home from the design experts at

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