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Using Porcelain Tile in Denver to Update Your Bathroom

February 2, 2016

While many people love to use a natural stone like marble or travertine in their bathrooms, there’s another great tile choice that helps you achieve a fresh, updated look, and that’s porcelain. Porcelain tile comes in an impressive variety of styles and colors these days, and it can be engineered to give the look of wood and stone. With the following porcelain tile design ideas, you’ll have a bathroom that looks and feels brand new:
  • Accent your walls – Have a wall in your bathroom that you don’t know what to do with? Use porcelain tile to turn it into an accent wall. Install the tile from floor to ceiling to make a big statement (and to also make a low ceiling feel taller). If you have time and/or budget constraints, install the porcelain only halfway up the wall and then try this technique: match the tile grout to the wall color. These design ideas work well if you’re not shy about color, so feel free to get creative with blue, green, red, yellow, or even pink. You’re only limited by your imagination.
  • Re-think your floors – Consider adding a section of porcelain tile to your existing flooring, such as a border around a bathtub or a pedestal sink, or even an inlaid section in the middle of the floor. A mixed-material floor not only brings the beauty of texture and interest to your bathroom, but feels wonderful underfoot, too. For another idea, choose a porcelain tile that’s made to look like weathered wood and install it on your floor in an interesting pattern, such as herringbone. The combination of the look of wood with the unique pattern will give your bathroom a flair all its own.
  • Jazz up your backsplash – Porcelain tile makes an excellent backsplash since it’s so durable and water-resistant. But for design interest, try mixing and matching different colors and patterns of porcelain tile in the backsplash. Or, if you have an otherwise crisp, all-white bathroom, go for the boldest color choice you can make in the backsplash tile. But if a bold statement is not your cup of tea, pick a neutral-colored porcelain tile to extend from your backsplash down over your countertops. Blending your backsplash with your counter will give a calm, understated effect.
  • Bring style to your shower – Thinking about re-tiling your shower? To achieve a sleek, luxurious feel, choose a porcelain tile with the look of stone. Today’s realistic imaging on porcelain, especially if you select a larger size of tile, will make your shower tile seem as if it’s been custom-cut from the finest natural stone slabs—without the hefty price tag.
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