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Incorporating Natural Stone Fire Pits into Your Outdoor Living Space

March 25, 2016

Imagine sitting with family and friends in front of a warm fire underneath a sky filled with stars. This doesn’t have to be a weekend getaway to the mountains, it can happen any night of the week with a natural stone fire place designed by the professionals at Natural Stone Sales. Adding a firepit to an outdoor living space can increase your usable area by 10 to 20 percent. Installing a stone fire pit on your patio or deck will allow you to enjoy your outdoor setting as much in the spring and fall as you do in the summer. Nothing adds ambiance to any area like a dancing flame and a fire’s warm glow.

Common Misconceptions

Many people believe that they simply need to dig a hole and place stones or bricks around it to make a fire pit. There are also several styles of fire pits and chimineas available at hardware and home improvement stores. However, often it is misunderstood that all of these wood burning options are illegal in many counties, including Denver. They have been outlawed for safety as well as air quality reasons. Stray embers could easily find their way to a nearby wooden fence causing a fire and smoke from these fires could blow into open windows of neighboring dwellings creating a health risk.

Understand Your Options

Don’t lose heart - this doesn’t mean that you have been denied the option of enjoying a fire on your deck or patio. It simply means that you are required to use natural gas or propane instead of wood. These are much safer and cleaner burning options.  Fire safety guidelines also require that your pit is at least 10 feet from the house, fence, and any other flammable structure. Beware of overhanging branches as well.

Consult the Professionals

It is important to consult a professional when deciding which stones to use as well. It’s not enough to pick stones that are beautiful or go with your patio. We have discussed the best stone for Denver outdoor use which are great for patios and decks. However, there are some stones that cannot withstand heat and can break apart, or even explode. Rocks, such as sandstone and limestone are porous and are therefore more permeable. Any moisture on the rocks will turn to steam when heated, expanding in the fissures of the rock causing them to break apart or a possible explosion.

More dense and less porous rocks are perfect for building a fire pit. Marble or granite are both great options for this application. These metamorphic rocks pose no explosion risk and are beautiful and durable in addition. Speak to one of our design consultants today by calling 303-777-7485. Spring has finally arrived and milder nights are just around the corner. You will be enjoying the beauty and warmth of your new fire pit in no time and resting easy in the knowledge that it is safe and built to last a lifetime.