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Pros and Cons of Denver Granite Countertops

April 27, 2016

The kitchen countertop material you select asserts a pivotal influence on the quality of your kitchen and the appearance of your home. Many people consider granite to be the premier material for kitchen countertops due to the many advantages of the material. If you are interested in installing a new countertop for your kitchen, you should learn more about the pros and cons of Denver granite countertops.

  • Beauty. The best Denver natural stone companies provide granite slabs that display a remarkably beautiful appearance. The slabs often radiate strong colors, shiny surfaces, and attractive designs of intricate streaks and elaborate spots that permeate throughout the countertops. Many people enjoy the superior beauty of the countertops. The many available options also make granite countertops a very versatile material. You can choose from a diverse range of different colors, shades, and design patterns when selecting which particular granite countertop style would be most conducive for your kitchen.
  • Durability. Denver granite countertops also feature an impressive durability. The natural stone material and heated manufacturing process provides granite with a very hard and strong texture. As a result, the extremely durable granite countertops can withstand heavy blows and frequent use without incurring any damages, such as scratches, chips, etches, or cracks. The granite material is also very heat-resistant, which can prevent the material from being damaged while you are cooking in the kitchen and positioning hot plates and pans around the countertop. The durability is especially beneficial because your countertop can remain intact and maintain its exceptional quality for an extensive period of time without needing to be repaired or replaced.
  • Stains. A disadvantage of granite is that the material is porous and vulnerable to display stains. The high porosity of the stone can enable dirt smudges or liquid stains to penetrate deep into the surface. Removing the stains can be very difficult, and installing gorgeous granite countertops only to watch permanent stains accumulate on the surface can be very frustrating. However, having your granite countertops consistently sealed by top Denver natural stone companies can help you avoid this hazard. Sealing your countertop can block the pores, prevent stains from penetrating the stone, and protect your countertop from displaying any stains. While each granite slab can be slightly different, you should generally have your countertop resealed every two or three years to prevent the surface from displaying any marks, streaks, or stains.
  • Cost. Another potential disadvantage of Denver granite countertops is that the countertops are relatively expensive. The rare material, difficult manufacturing procedures, and more time-consuming installation process often causes granite countertops to cost slightly more than other options. However, many people consider granite a cost-effective purchase due to the advantages of the material. For instance, the ability for the granite countertops to substantially increase the value of your home often outweighs and supersedes the costs of having the countertops installed and maintained.  
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