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Benefits of a Denver Tile Backsplash

May 25, 2016

Sinks often assert a significant impact on the appearance and functioning of the kitchen and bathroom areas. Many people enjoy installing backsplashes on the walls around the sinks due to the many practical and aesthetic advantages of the backsplash features. If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom area, you should learn about the many benefits of using Denver tile backsplashes.


The best Denver natural stone companies can provide backsplash tiles that protect your home from incurring damages. Both the kitchen and bathroom sink areas are prone to become messy. In the kitchen, the walls surrounding the sink can become stained and damaged by soapy water while washing dishes and by juicy oils while you are preparing meals. The frequent use of bathroom sinks can also instigate messes. While washing up and maneuvering around the bathroom, the walls behind and around the sinks often become stained with soaps, oils, gels, lotions, pastes, and cosmetics.

Many problems accompany these sink area stains. Regular paint or drywall can become damaged by the frequent exposure to the moisture and chemicals, the marks can diminish the appearance of your sink area, and this can require you to consistently repair or replace the walls. As a result, tile backsplashes provide the beneficial function of protecting your walls from incurring damages. The durable and moisture-resistant tiles can enable the backsplashes to remain unscathed from the splash stains that occur around the kitchen and bathroom sink areas.


Denver tile backsplashes are also very easy to maintain. Other materials that are occasionally used for backsplashes can be challenging to clean. For instance, wood or plastic backsplashes can absorb and trap certain liquids and chemicals, which can facilitate dark stains and ugly smudges that are very difficult to remove. In contrast, natural stone tiles are much easier to clean and maintain than other options. Most tiles have low porosity levels, do not trap and harbor liquid stains, and do not become damaged by the splashing of chemicals or by the exposure to consistent moisture. This provides many maintenance benefits. If chemical products splash up onto the tile walls, you can easily wipe the tiles clean, remove the smudge marks, and have the backsplash looking clean and pristine in a very short amount of time.


The top Denver natural stone companies can also provide backsplash tiles that would increase the value of your home. The beautiful appearance of tile backsplashes is especially beneficial. Whereas the backsplash provides the practical and useful function of protecting your walls, using tiles for the backsplash can also enrich your kitchen and bathroom areas with an elegant and lavish appearance. Tile backsplashes are also highly versatile. You can choose from a diverse range of different shapes, sizes, and materials when determining which particular type of tile would most effectively complement the other features in your home. For instance, ledger or mosaic tiles are appropriate for smaller bathroom and kitchen areas because the smaller tiles can make the rooms appear more spacious. In contrast, porcelain, marble, or granite tiles are conducive for the backsplashes in larger bathroom and kitchen areas.
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