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Types of Denver Stone Finishes

June 2, 2016

Having natural stone installed can improve the functioning of your rooms, enhance the appearance of your home, and increase the value of your property. When the professionals install the stone you often must determine which finishing style to utilize. Finishing enables the experts to use heat, brush, and abrasive tools to modify the surface of your stone products. However, different tools and techniques can generate distinctly different appearances. If you are interested in having premier remodeling professionals install natural stone in your home, you should learn about the different Denver stone finishes from which you can choose.

The best Denver natural stone companies can provide a polished finish. The polished finish adorns the stone with a shiny glare that reflects light in the area. The bright surface and reflecting glare enables the stone to gleam with a sparkling glow and to glisten with a brilliant luster. As a result, polishing the stone can enhance the majestic beauty, luxurious ambiance, and gorgeous splendor of your home. This finishing style is especially conducive for countertops. The shiny appearance of polished countertops can enable your entire kitchen to stand out and glow with a pristine and radiant shine. The polished style is also appropriate for walls because the reflective glare can add an enchanting appeal to the area while also making the rooms appear larger.

The honed style is also very effective for Denver stone finishes. Honed finishes enable the surface of your stone products to display a satin smooth appearance. In contrast to polished, honed finishes do not reflect light or emit a shiny glare. The honed style instead adorns the stone with a smooth, clean, and solid surface. The graceful elegance of the honed style is especially conducive for floors, stairs, and thresholds. For instance, honing the tile floors accentuates the natural colors of the tiles and highlights the design patterns of the floors. Honed finishes are also beneficial for floors due to the frequent foot traffic that floors sustain. Having an entire floor polished only to watch the constant foot traffic erode the polish and eradicate the shine can be a frustrating experience. In turn, the non-shiny finish of the honed style is more practical for floors because the foot traffic will not diminish the smooth texture, elegant appearance, and honed finish of the tiles.

The top Denver natural stone companies can also apply a flamed finish on your stone products. The flamed finish enables the experts to heat the stone at extremely high temperatures to alter and muffle the colors of the slabs. This process creates a natural, vintage, and faded appearance. The flamed style also creates a rough texture that is striking to the senses and appealing to the eyes. The rustic appearance, rough texture, and modest colors of the flamed finish can enhance the comfortable atmosphere and unique quality of your home. This finishing style is versatile and can be used for stone in any area of your home, such as walls, countertops, or floors. However, the water-resistant feature of the flamed finish makes it especially ideal for areas in your home that are consistently exposed to moisture.  As a result, the flamed finishing style is optimal for countertops or tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios.

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